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Period Underwear

Period underwear by Scarlet are made with built in multi-layered leakproof lining and absorbency technology. Heavy periods? You’ll be glad to know they can absorb up to 8x pads’ worth of menstrual fluid. Ready to ditch the supermarket disposables? Scarlet is a reliable, zero-waste replacement for disposable pads and tampons. 

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  • 3-Pack

Period Underwear Sampler 3-Pack

Absorbancy Light to Heavy

$80 ($26.66 each)
  • 5-PACK

Everyday Period Underwear Starter 5-Pack

Absorbancy Moderate to Heavy

$120 ($24 each)
  • 5-PACK

Overnight Period Underwear 5-Pack

Absorbancy Heavy + Overnight

$120 ($24 each)
  • 5-Pack

Leakproof Underwear Sporty 5-Pack

Absorbancy Light to Heavy

$120 ($24 each)
  • 7-Pack

Best Seller Leakproof Underwear 7-Pack

Absorbancy Light to Overnight

$155 ($22.14 each)

First time undie user!!

"Thanks for making it so easy for me! I had no idea how or what to get but I hate tampons and pads and have heard a lot about these. The starter set was great! I LOVED all the products, but the G String was my absolute fav!

Winnie B


#1 Overnight Protection
From $22.14


"These are my absolute favourite to sleep in, do yoga or just lounge around. I don't know what I would do without them! The thought of wearing a bulky pad or putting in a tampon is just NO. I wish I had discovered these sooner!"

Laura G.

Bikini Brief

Organic Cotton
From $22.14
From $22.14

The look just like regular undies

"I love that they're made from organic cotton and they're so soft and comfy. From the outside you can't tell they're period undies at all. I have a moderate flow and they we're so easy to use! I don't need to rely on disposable tampons or pads anymore which means a lot to me!"

Zoe B.


Sporty Protection
  • #BestSeller
From $22.14

Easy to use and clean

"I was apprehensive about the period G-String at first, but after my first try I am never going back to pads! It's actually cleaner than pads and so much better than tampons. Comfy, and confidence boosting!"

Millie T.

Full Brief

Modal Cotton Hi-Waist Brief
  • NEW
From $22.14

Super soft and comfy

"These are a dream to wear! I was skeptical about how they would work for me but after one wear I literally didn't think I had my period because they worked so well! I was so suprised with how much blood they actually hold without feeling wet or bulky, and I have a pretty heavy flow."

Maddy L.

Just In!

360° Stretch Seamless Thong
  • NEW
From $22.14

Super stretchy!

"The comfiest pair of undies I own! They are buttery smooth and super stretchy! I love them. They are so easy to wash and the fact that they have a leakproof barrier is amazing."

Sarah B.

Absorbancy Guide


Leakproof, wicks moisture
2-3 tsp or up to 3 tampons
3-5 tsp or up to 5 tampons
4-6 tsp or up to 6 tampons
6-8 tsp or up to 8 tampons

Get to know your flow threshold

Your questions,

Everything you ever wanted to know about our period underwear.

Tell me everything!

Period Swimwear

Designed for the beach
  • NEW
Buy Now | $59.00

Beach days!

"All I want to do when i'm on my period is lay on the warm sand in the sun - thank you for making it possible! I feel confident (and look good!) without worrying about going back and forth to the toilet block to change tampons! In looovve with these!"

Brooke T.

  • NEW
Buy Now | $49.00

How does period swim work?

Our in-built tech gusset absorbs your period in and out of the water.

The magic behind the underpants✨

Built-in period tech wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfy. Learn More
Absorbent middle layer locks in up to 8x pads. Learn More
Front to rear leakproof layer stops leaks and mess. Learn More
Machine washable, just like regular undies! Learn More

Your questions, answered!

How many pairs should I get?

Everyone periods differently. Generally speaking, a good place to start is at least 3-5 pairs so you're coverd for the duration of your period without doing extra laundry. Consider the heaviness of your flow and how many pairs you'll need on each day and night to be safe.

What do the different absorbency levels mean?

Overnight: Absorbs 6+ tsp of blood, that's about 6 pads worth of blood. Perfect for overnight protection or on heavy days.

Heavy: Absorbs 4-6 tsp of blood, or 4-6 pads. Perfect for overnight protection or on your heaviest day when changing into a fresh pair might not be convenient.

Moderate: Absorbs 3-5 tsp worth of blood, the equivilant of 3-5 pads or tampons.

Light: Absorbs 2-3 tsp worth of blood, the equivelant of up to 2-3 pads or tampons.

Zero: Wicks away moisture, sweat and discharge and features a leakproof layer so nothing shows through.

How often do I need to change them?

You know how you just know when to change a pad or a tampon? Period underwear are no different. If it's your first time wearing them, check every so often, if they start to feel bulky or like they're not absorbing anymore then they have likely reached thier limit.

Can I wear period underwear all day?

Yeah! Depending on the heaviness of your flow on that day, and the absorbency level of the period underwear you want to wear. As an example, we use 3-4 pairs of moderate and heavy styles per day, on day 1 and 2, but only 1 pair of lighter underwear all day on days 3 to 6. If it's your first time using period underwear, try them at home first to get to know your flow threshold (how long you can wear one pair for before needing to change).

Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with period underwear?

The short answer? Nope! Depending on the absorbency level of your period underwear and the heaviness of your flow, you can wear them on their own or as back up to tampons or a period cup. Our overnight and heavy period underwear are designed to be worn on heavier days on their own, and our light to moderate styles can be worn on their own on lighter days and as back up on heavier days.

Why buy a multipack?

We've made it easier to get more savings, bigger discounts and better rewards for making the switch to reusable period undies. We also know that starting with at least 3-5 pairs is a good place to start, and you can build your period underwear plan from there.

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