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Absorbent middle layer locks in up to 8x pads Learn more
Built-in period tech wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfy. Learn more
Front to rear leakproof layer stops leaks and mess. Learn more
Machine washable, just like regular undies! Learn more

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The best purchase decision of the year!

by Vaneeta J on 04/06/2022

Best decision to give Scarlet a go...and the quality and comfort is beyond my expectations, better than pads and tampons...would highly recommend to anyone looking to make that time of the month a bit more comfortable.

Money well spent!!

by Moo W on 19/05/2022

Honestly they have changed my life, i feel comfortable and safe in them knowing there will be no leaks and mishaps when wearing these, they're also so comfy, and 100 times better than wearing a pad. not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it's just soo freeing to wear as well. Being able to wear these underwear, move and run around as if I'm not even bleeding, it's just incredible. Thank you so much Scarlet ❀️

First time period undie user

by Tillie C on 15/06/2022

These were amazing! Loved that they weren't bulky and uncomfortable, and seamless under my clothes. 10/10 would recommend!

G-string YAY!

by Kitty M on 03/05/2022

Fantastic product! I love the Scarlet G-String for lighter flow days at the start and end of my period. I am an active person and love wearing the g-string with tights when I work out (usually at a slower pace when I am bleedy) it is very comfortable!

Thank you

By Mon M on 01/05/2022

TY @Scarlet_Period for brining pride back into such a special, magical part of being human. Your products continue to blow my mind πŸŒΉπŸ’ŒπŸ’‹

Great value for money

by Amalia M on 12/03/22

Great value for money, the whole set is so cute!


by Maggie C on 06/03/2022

Do yourself a favour and jump on the bang-wagon already, you won't regret it! Sizing is spot on, material is beautiful and they're comfy AF. I no longer feel like a frump waddling around the house with a pad on in the granny knickers. These look and feel great when you don't.

Feels like regular underwear

by Melissa L on 29/03/2022

Great fit, true to size. The pad isn't too thick so it's easy to wear out. I found the underwear really comfortable and like the cotton fabric.


by Eloise O on 06/03/2022

Honestly, when I think back to my old self a few periods ago WITHOUT the everyday brief, I pity her. Scarlet is the only brand that should be on yoru mind for all your period goods. Comfortable, stylish, breathable. Don't go another month wihtout having these in your life!

My favourite period undies!

by Kirsten F on 04/06/2022

I've tried other brands of period undies and these are definitely my favourite. The fabric feels like brand new after every wash and they are very comfy. I would highly recommend :)

The best way to enjoy your period

by Demi F on 18/5/2022

Great quality, comfy and sexy ;p

Extremely comfortable!

by Amy M on 27/03/2022

Super comfy, I would wear this as regular underwear! Was definately a bit nervous as I was worried about leakage, but it's always protected me 100%. IMO sizing runs a bit small, so would go up a size. Highly recommend.

Love it!

by Romana G on 25/03/2022

I love using the Gstring, not only for when I have a lighter flow, but also when I do my martial arts training! Great fit, so comfortable!

Perfect for overnight

by Jessica R on 23/03/2022

I adore my Scarlet boyshorts! They are so cute and comfortable and I sleep soundly confident I will not be messing up my sheets! I've tried all the major brands and these are the GOAT

Quick delivery

by Georgia B on 21/02/2022

Quick delivery, GREAT customer service!

Super comfy and have helped

by Kyiandra T on 18/02/2022

The everday brief is super comfy and have helped save on tampon wastahge a few days on each side of the heavier days!

Best thing since sliced bread!

by Phoebe M on 10/02/2022

The best purchase I've made - can't beliece I didn't buy them earlier!!


by Cass J on 21/01/2022

They are SO comfy, and they don't dig in. I have a moderate-heavy flow, so I wear them to bed and you know I sleep real good becasue Im not worried about leakage!

Love it!

by Eliza M on 12/01/2021

Great quality! And cute! I wouldn't buy any other brand again.

Perfect for sleeping

by Jade G on 02/12/2021

Comfort is key and these panties offer the ultimate meaning of comfort! Perfect for sleeping. And even under my fav pair of jeans

Second to none!

by Mia M on 04/12/2021

The seamless are by far the best seamless period undies I have tried and I have tried A LOT!

Wore at a wedding and

by Amy Z on 20/11/2021

I tested the G-String at a wedding under silk pants (there was a jumping castle and everything) and ZERO leaking!

Excellent quality

by Victoria P on 09/11/2021

Very happy with the product! Excellent quality, fast delivery. Thanks very much!!

Customer service is 10/10

by Maggie C on 25/03/2022

Customer service is 10/1; responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly

Life changer!

by Charlene E on 14/10/2021

The Scarlet period cup is far beyond superior to any other menstrual cup I've used. I highly recommend. No leaks, easy insertion and removal. Very sleek. Great product.

Stylish and comfortable

by Charlie K on 05/10/2021

Great. I found it to be a good fit - no leaking. Really love the design. Sick of pink products!

Your Questions, Answered!

Why buy a multipack?

The average period last anywhere between 3-8 days, so let's be real, we want more than 3 pairs to manage our period. And if you're like us, you'll want the best quality, comfort and protection possible for whatever life throws at you. We've made it even easier to get more savings, bigger discounts and better rewards for getting started with the comfiest period underwear in styles you'll love.

What do the different absorbencies mean?

Overnight: Absorbs 6+ tsp of blood, that's about 6 regular pads and tampons. Perfect for overnight protection or during heavy days.

Heavy: Absorbs 4-6 tsp of blood, or 20-30mm of blood. Perfect for overnight protection or on your heavier days, when changing into a fresh pair might not be convenient.

Moderate: Absorbs 3-5 tsp worth of blood, the equivilant of 3-5 pads or tampons.

Light: Absorbs 2-3 tsp worth of blood, the equivelant of up to 3 pads and tampons.

Zero: Wicks away moisture, sweat and discharge and features a leakproof layer so nothing shows through.

How do they work?

All our absorbent period underwear are made with leakproof period technology built right in.

Layer 1: Wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling dry.
Layer 2: Our most absorbent pair can hold 6+ pads worth of blood, locking it in place.
Layer 3: Front to rear leakproof fabrics ensure nothing feels wet or leaks through to the other side.

You can be sitting, standing, running or jumping with confidence you'll stay dry and comfy. That's the magic of period underwear!

Layer 4: Breathable black outer layer that keeps it all discreet.

Scarlet's period undies are reusable, carbon neutral and made to work harder than tampons and pads, with the protection to flow bold, and comfort to be yourself.

Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with period underwear?

You can wear Scarlet period undies on their own, or as back up to tampons or our menstrual cup. It all depends on the absorbency level of your period underwear, and the heaviness of your flow.

How do I wash them?

Washing them is easy! Just throw them in with the rest of your laundry on a cold wash cycle (your other clothes will be fine!), or give them a quick rinse first if you're worried. You can tumble dry on low, or hang dry in the sun. That's it!

How much money do I actually save?

The average period using tampons and pads costs $240 a year. Scarlet costs about $120 a year (five pairs) and can last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on how you take care of them. So let’s say they lasted for 5 years, you’d spend only $120 as opposed to $1200 on pads and tampons during the same amount of time. Wow.

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