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our new modal period undies. softer on you and the planet.

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Welcome to Leak-Proof, Life Changing Period Underwear!

"Scarlet undies has made the struggle that is my period (which can last anywhere to 2 weeks for me) infinitely easier! The Everyday Brief are my absolute favourites!"

Ali K

"The Boyshort are so comfy and they don’t dig in. I have a moderate-heavy flow, so I wear these to bed. And you know I sleep real good because I’m not worried about leakage!" 

Cass J

"The Glossier of Period Products"

Fashion Journal

"I recently tried Scarlet period undies and bruh they have changed my life!"

Lydia K

"The g-string is AMAZING, I’ve been looking for a period g-string for the longest time now. They both don’t feel bulky or uncomfortable, or like I’m wearing a massive diaper like some others have. I forgot they were period undies to be honest!"

Keely B

“I’m obsessed with these period undies. Washed them in the shower and dried them out on the verandah to wear two days in a row last week!”

Matilda D

“Bury me in the G-string. I love it! Super flattering, super comfy, super sexy. I would genuinely just wear these everyday - even when I’m not on my period. They feel like regular underwear”

Ginevra W

"My 12 yr old has just started wearing them with amazing results. She is so comfortable and confident during her first cycle. Highly recommend them."

Tracy H

"Sizing is spot on, material is beautiful and they're comfy AF!"

Maggie C

"I've tried other brands of period undies and these are definitely my favourite. The fabric feels like brand new after every wash and they are very comfy!"

Kirsten F

"I tested the G-string at a wedding under silk pants (there was a jumping castle and everything) and zero leaking!"

Amy Z


Maggie Zhou's New Routine, her favourite period undies and all a TMI of all the feels from day 1-7.

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