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    Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm AEST

  • What is your returns policy?

    3 Cycle Guarantee | New customers only

    90 day risk free guarantee This is a new way to period, and we understand finding your way can take a few cycles to get into the swing of things. So, we’ve made a 90 day guarantee to support you to find the perfect period routine. This applies to first purchase (single item only) for new customers. If after 3 cycles (90 Days) it’s still not right for you, contact our support team and we’ll give you a credit / refund or help you find the right fit. See our full terms for more information. 

  • How do I update my shipping and/or billing address?

    You can login to your account and update your personal details.

  • I cannot login / I forgot my password

    If you’re unable to login using the password reset link, pop us an email at support@scarletperiod.com and we’ll help you out.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Subscriptions can be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the billing and dispatch date, any cancellations made after this billing cut-off will be processed for the next cycle.

  • How can we get in touch with any customer service concerns?

    For any product, or service issues email at support@scarletperiod.com.

  • Do you do brand collaborations and can we work together?

    Yes, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at hello@scarletperiod.com

  • Who can I contact for wholesale opportunities?

    If you're interested in stocking Scarlet products please just send us an email hello@scarletperiod.com

  • Do you have an internship program?

    We’re working on it. If you’d like to intern with us, email with your resume to hello@scarletperiod.com

Orders Shipping & Stuff
  • Can I change shipping address? What if I've entered the wrong one?
    No worries, just send us an email at support@scarletperiod.com and we’ll assist.
  • I didn't receive an order confirmation - how can I check if my order was placed successfully?
    You should receive an order confirmation to the email you entered at checkout, if not let us know support@scarletperiod.com and we’ll make sure it’s in progress.
  • How can I check, update or cancel my order?

    If you have an account, you can login to view your orders, track delivery and manage your subscription.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    For all Australian orders, standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days in metro and 5-7 business days in regional areas.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! We ship to most countries. AND we ship all orders over $100 for FREE. Otherwise, a basic flat rate of $30 (Aud) applies.

  • Where do you ship from?

    Sydney, Australia

  • Do you have express shipping?

    Yes, express shipping via Australia Post is $11.95

  • What are your shipping rates?

    Standard shipping is $8.95 & Express shipping $11.95. Standard shipping with Australia Post is FREE for orders over $50.

  • The checkout won't process my order. Help me!

    No problem, email us at support@scarletperiod.com so we can help you out.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay. Just select your preferred payment method and enter your details when prompted at checkout.

Product Knowledge
  • What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

    TSS is a rare, but very serious, illness that can cause death. It’s caused by the release of poisonous substances from an overgrowth of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, which is found in many women’s bodies.

    Toxic Shock Syndrome affects menstruating women, especially those who use super- absorbent tampons.


    Symptoms can be similar to the flu, such as high fever, chills, headache or muscular pains. You may also experience dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, weakness or confusion.


    To learn more information about TSS, visit toxicshock.org.au

  • What are your tampons made from?

    Our tampons are made from 100% GOTs certified organic cotton. GOTs is internationally acknowledged as the industry leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria. Organic cotton is grown using less chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.

  • When should I change my tampon?

    To make sure you stay fresh, it’s best to change your tampon roughly every four hours. You might need to change more often if you have a heavy flow, and never leave your tampon in for more than eight hours.

  • What is The Scarlet Period Cup?

    It is a reusable period cup made of 100% medical grade silicone that is worn internally (like a tampon) but collects, rather than absorbs, your menstrual flow. Because it has more than 2.5x the capacity of a regular tampon, you can safely wear it for up to 8 hours before emptying. The Scarlet Period Cup is designed for ultimate comfort. Once your cup is in place, you shouldn’t feel a thing, meaning you can move freely and confidently.

  • Can I use The Scarlet Period Cup with an IUD?

    Yes, many people safely and happily use their Scarlet Period Cup with an IUD. However, if you’re unsure, or have underlying gynecological issues, have a chat with your doctor or GP before using a period cup.

  • How do I empty my cup in a public bathroom?

    We get asked this a lot. Simply take out The Scarlet Period Cup and empty it into the toilet. We suggest keeping a few sachets of the Scarlet Cup Wipes handy so it’s super easy to wipe your cup clean. Make sure to let the cup dry completely before reusing (it should only take a moment).

  • How do I store my Scarlet Period Cup?

    To keep things fresh, your cup should be completely dry and stored in a clean and well ventilated area - such as your bathroom cupboard shelf or centre stage on the sink in a ceramic dish - or of course with one of our Scarlet Cup Pods. A clean, and dry cup can be transported in the Carry Case for short intervals. Make sure to ALWAYS clean your cup after storing it between cycles.

  • Can I have sex with it in?

    Unfortunately no. BUT! Take it out and enjoy the magic of period sex.

  • My cup is leaking. Does that mean it's not working?

    If The Scarlet Period Cup is inserted correctly, and is the right size - it won’t leak.

    The 2 most common reasons for a cup leaking is that it’s not opened up fully, or that it’s positioned incorrectly.

    2 quick ways to check this are: Ensure The Scarlet Period Cup is fully open by running your finger around the base of the cup. It should feel even the whole way around. If you feel an indent, try gently twisting your cup around to find a better position.

    If it’s still leaking after 3 cycles, let us know at support@scarletperiod.com and we can help find the right size that works for you.

  • Does size matter?

    When it comes down to it, we’re all different. And some sizes work better for some than they do for others.

    Our Period cup comes in 2 sizes:

    Size 1 Regular

    Ideal for people who have not given birth, are under 30. Suitable for lighter to medium flows. Holds up to approximately 2.5 regular tampons

    Size 2 Large

    Ideal for people who have given birth, are over 30. Suitable for heavier flows. Holds up to approximately 2 super tampons.

  • How do I remove it?

    Firstly, relax. Then, pinch the finger grips at the base of the cup with your forefinger and thumb to release the suction seal. Rock the cup back and forth to help gently ease it out.

    IMPORTANT: The stem of your cup is not the part that you pull, it’s only there to help you guide your way up to the cup itself.

    If you’re still having trouble removing it, don’t panic, your cup cannot get lost inside you, just take a break or even go for a little walk to help the muscles relax then come back and try again.

    It may be easier to try a different position, such as a squat, or placing your leg up on the toilet seat.

  • How long can I wear it?

    If your menstrual cup is full - you may experience a little leakage. Most people will need to change their cup more than once every 8 hours - but if you have a heavy flow you may want to change it more regularly (we recommend every 8 hours at a minimum).

    We’ve designed our cups with capacity in mind, size 1 and size 2 are able to hold more than 2.5 regular tampons before they reach the capacity marking.

  • What is medical grade silicone?

    Medical grade silicone is tested for biocompatibility and safe to use in medical applications.

  • When should I replace my cup with a new one?

    If your cup is well looked after it should last for up to 3 years. If your cup becomes damaged, replace it to ensure its highest performance.

  • What do the different period wear absorbencies mean?

    Our period wear comes in 2 different levels of absorbency:

    Light-Moderate - holds up to 10ml of fluid, which is equal to 2 tsp or 2 regular tampons worth. So you can wear them on their own on lighter flow days, or as a fail safe backup when your period gets heavy.

    Moderate-Heavy - holds up to 15ml of fluid, which is equal to 3 tsp or 3 regular tampons worth. So you can wear them on their own, any day or night, or as a fail safe backup when your period gets heavy.

  • How does leak proof underwear work?

    Leak-proof period underwear is designed to fit like normal underwear, but includes multi layered gusset that wicks away moisture, absorbs and contains fluid to keep you dry and leak free all day or night. The built in layered technology is harder working than disposable pads which means it can safely hold more liquid, and last for years not hours.

  • Do I need to wear a cup, tampon or pad with leak-proof period underwear?

    No. Depending on your flow, you can wear period underwear on it’s own as you would a pad or liner. In fact, they’re even more absorbent than the disposable alternatives.

  • What's your sizing?

    You can refer to the size guide on the individual Scarlet Period Wear product pages.

  • Can I return my leak-proof period underwear?

    This is a new way to period, and we understand finding your way can take a few cycles to get into the swing of things. So, we’ve made a 90 day guarantee to support you to find the perfect period routine. This means, if you try our PeriodWear over 3 cycles (90 Days) and it’s still not right for you, you can return your items for a store credit of the same value, or your money back.

  • How do I wash Scarlet Period Wear?

    Follow these 3 quick and easy steps to washing, and caring for your Scarlet Period Wear:

    1. Rinse in cold water. Take them off after wearing, and either go straight into the shower or rinse them in the sink under cold water, squeezing the gusset until the water runs clear. That’s the hardest bit done. Note: don’t soak them! This is all about rinsing the liquid out.

    2. Gentle Machine Wash. Pop them into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, and cold machine wash <30degrees. For extra points, and longevity of your period wear use a delicates bag and a gentle / sensitive laundry liquid. Note: avoid fabric softener and stain removers as these can be harsh on the leakproof layers in the gusset.

    3. Hang them out to dry on the line. The sunnier, the better. Note: Do not tumble dry. I know all garments say that but we mean it. Tumble drying can damage the leak proof tech.

    First wear? Pop them in the washing machine with your next cold cycle, washing period wear before wearing activates their absorbency for your first wear.

  • Is leak-proof period underwear breathable?

    The top layer of our Scarlet Period Wear is designed to wick away moisture, optimising airflow to keep the skin dry.

  • What if I need to change them during the day when I’m not at home?

    Great question! We recommend having a water proof travel bag such as the Scarlet Travel Case on hand, along with a spare pair so you can either give them a rinse, or pop them straight into the bag to rinse at home.

  • How long will Scarlet Period Wear last?

    Years! If you look after your period wear well, because they’re designed to handle leaks rather than be ruined by them, they should last longer than any other underwear.

  • How do I use Scarlet Cup Wipes?

    After removing and emptying your cup, simply wipe the cup clean, allow it to quickly dry and reinsert.

  • Do I still need to wash my Scarlet Period Cup if I’m using Cup Wipes to clean it?

    Yes. Cup Wipes are an alternative way to clean on the go, and when you can't easily access water. We still recommend you wash your cup with warm water and a gentle soap whenever you can, paying attention to cleaning the holes near the top of the cup.

  • Can I flush Scarlet Cup Wipes?

    No. Whilst they're biodegradable, we don't recommend flushing them down the toilet.

  • When will my Scarlet subscription box arrive?

    Your first Scarlet subscription box will arrive shortly after you’ve ordered it, depending on the shipping option you’ve selected, from there it will be processed automatically on the date and frequency you selected.

  • How does the Scarlet subscription service work?

    Your Scarlet period box is fully customisable and designed to make sure you have exactly what you need, when you need it – with free shipping.

  • Need to tweak or put the brakes on your subscription?

    Sign in to your Scarlet account and click on the MY SUBSCRIPTION section. From here, you’ll be able to update the products in your box, delay your next send by a month (if you’re heading away for the holidays), change your delivery frequency, or cancel your subscription.

  • Will my subscription renew automatically?

    “Can I borrow a tampon?” is a thing of the past. You’re officially stocked. Your Scarlet subscription will renew automatically, according to the delivery frequency you selected.

  • Can I pause my subscription?

    You can delay your next Scarlet box by a month, by signing in to your account and clicking on the MY SUBSCRIPTION section.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    No dramas. Sign in to your Scarlet account and click on the MY SUBSCRIPTION section. From here, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription.

  • How often will I receive my subscription box?

    To check your order frequency or see when your next box is due to arrive, sign in to your Scarlet account and click on the MY SUBSCRIPTION section.

  • When is my credit card charged?

    Your card will be charged on the day your next send is processed. We’ll send you an email to let you know 3 days before your card is charged and your order is dispatched.

  • How many items will I receive per month?

    You can login into your account at any time to view the details of your subscription.

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