Heavy Flow

Absorbs 7 teaspoons of fluid, making them great for heavy days or overnight wear.

Heavyblood drop indicator

Our best-selling, full-coverage Boyshort is crafted with soft, breathable organic cotton and high absorbency for overnight and heavy flow days.

Available in two sizes and colours

Cup-curious or devotee? Whatever your flow, our comfy and sustainable Period Cup will do the job with 8 hours of leak-free protection.

A Must-Have for Delicate Care

Keep your period underwear, activewear, and lingerie safe on laundry day with our lightweight mesh Scarlet Laundry Bag.

Scarlet Period Giftcard

Treat your loved one to the gift of choice with a digital gift card to the value of your choosing. The gift of a cleaner future.

Heavyblood drop indicator

Discover our top-selling Boyshorts, the ultimate worry-free and leak-proof solution for periods. Buy a 3-pack and score a free Laundry Bag.

Heavyblood drop indicator

Designed for those days when even sneezing feels disastrous. Our Heavy Days Bundle has you covered and comfy with hours of leak-proof protection.