Bath, Body & Beyond

Our range of signature period essentials for a better, more carefree cycle.
Scarlet Period Pain Magnesium+ Spray with lavender and arnica. Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.

Designed to calm, period.

Our Magnesium+ Spray is packed with lavender and arnica to relax in seconds. Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.

Elevate your relaxation game

Our Our three new Soothe Operators: Bubble Bath, Magnesium+ Spray, and All-Over Daily Cleanser, all in a handy waterproof bag.

More bubbles, less troubles

A bubble bath, but for grown-ups. This super bubbly, skin-nourishing formula is spiked with magnesium and is designed to soothe.

Next-gen femcare

TLC for your bits and beyond. A gentle, unscented pH-balanced body wash for your body and intimate area.

The self-care kit for when you feel sh*t

Our best-selling PFAS-free Bikini Brief, Bubble Bath, and Magnesium Spray in one calm-inducing bundle. It’s perfect for gifting - to yourself. 

TLC for your bits and beyond

Our pH-balanced wash is for your entire body. Yep, even down there. Made with calendula, hemp extracts, and jojoba oil to hydrate.

On-the-go cup cleaning made easy

Scarlet On-The-Go Cleansing Wipes make cleaning your Period Cup easy. Simply wipe, allow to dry, then re-insert. No water needed!

Clean Hands, Fresh Cup

A gentle pH-balanced, low-foaming wash designed to clean your hands and Period Cup. Infused with organic chamomile to calm.

Perfect wet swimmers and undies!

Meet Scarlet Toiletry Bag: perfectly sized to house everything from period cups, period undies, and wet swimmers!

Survive day (and night) one

Consider your period covered. Bikini Brief for the streets. Boyshort for the sheets. And Magnesium Spray for every second in between. 

A Must-Have for Delicate Care

Keep your period underwear, activewear, and lingerie safe on laundry day with our lightweight mesh Scarlet Laundry Bag.

Scarlet Period Gift Card Voucher - give the gift of a better period

Treat your loved one to the gift of choice with a digital gift card to the value of your choosing. The gift of a cleaner future.