Scarlet Period Pain Soothing Sud Bubble Bath with magnesium

Scarlet Period Soothing Sud Bubble Bath


You have questions. We have answers.


Heck no. This is bubble bath for grown ups — private parts included. Just remember to use it externally only (on vulvas, not vaginas). And in the (very) unlikely case of irritation, put down the bottle.

Is it pH-friendly?

You bet your sweet booty it is. We use pH-friendly ingredients and formulas to help maintain a healthy acidic environment, support vaginal microbiome, and help prevent infections. With us, your vagina always comes first.

Why is this product more spenny than supermarket suds?

Firstly, the formula. It’s made with natural ingredients that won’t dry, strip, or irritate your skin. It’s also made without parabens, chemicals, and synthetic fragrances. Secondly, the bubbles. They’re HUGE. (As big as natural bubbles can be.)

Back it up, what’s the big deal with vaginal microbiome?

Glad you asked. Your vaginal microbiome is a diverse community of microorganisms (including bacterias) that live inside your vagina. It plays a super duper important role in maintaining a healthy environment by blocking harmful pathogens, supporting the immune system, and regulating pH levels. It also helps promote reproductive health and overall wellbeing. We think it’s pretty neat. 

Are there any parabens or sulfates hiding in here?

Nope, we think those ingredients are nasty. Our bubble bath is 100% free from parabens and sulfates, plus silicones, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and harsh soaps. Aka, anything that will disrupt your vaginal flora and pH levels. No thank you.

You promised big bubbles. But I want MORE!

Get outta here. We don’t think that’s even possible! Double check the amount you added to your tub. We recommend two caps for a small bath, so maybe you need to squeeze in a little extra. Remember, just like champagne: the more you pour, the more bubbles you get to play with.


"Bath-time with Scarlet - nourishing, soft & gentle for your bits & beyond."

- Katie C.


"Love love your products... them magnesium bubble baths are soo good!!"

- Alexa


"Scarlet has really helped make that time of the month less annoying with beautiful self care products, which came in handy for a little weekend R&R."

- Laura.