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The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White
The Scarlet Period Cup - White

The Scarlet Period Cup - White

The reusable Period Cup collects rather than absorbs your menstrual fluid. This means no leaks, and less waste. It’s made from 100% medical grade silicone and is BPA free, and suitable for the most delicate skin. Engineered to be simple and intuitive to use, it features a unique indented finger grip system and super soft flexible stem. It’s period product innovation that means less trips to the bathroom when you’re on your period, and a better understanding of your cycle, health and wellbeing.


  • 100% medical grade silicone 
  • 8 hours leak-proof protection, day and night
  • Unique finger grips with rib system for easy insertion + removal
  • Super flexible, soft stem
  • Reusable and made to last
  • Large fluid capacity and spill safe rims
  • Comes with a handy how-to guide 
  • Comes with a mesh, zip-enclosed cup pouch

90 Day Risk Free Guarantee


Designed for you

Designed in collaboration with health experts, cup lovers and first-time users for the most intuitive, comfortable and high performing reusable cup.

Better For The Planet

The Scarlet Period Cup lasts years, not hours.
Saving the planet from a whole bunch of waste.


Vagina Friendly

Non absorbent and made from medical grade silicone,
to respect your vagina's natural balance.

Superior Leak Protection

You can wear your Scarlet Cup worry-free
for 8 hours without needing to empty it.

How To Use The Cup

1. This is a Period Cup

Get ready to feel the joy of not having to change every few hours whilst also saving the environment from a whole bunch of waste.

2. Fold to insert

Before inserting, fold the edges in on themselves to make the cup flat, then fold it again to make a C shape.

3. Insert & secure

Gently insert into your vagina. When you let go, the cup will position itself at the base of your vagina, creating a super secure, leak-proof seal.

4. Remove

Pinch the finger grips at the base of the cup with your forefinger and thumb to release the suction seal. Rock the cup back and forth to gently ease it out. 


What is The Scarlet Period Cup?

It is a reusable period cup made of 100% soft medical grade silicone that is worn internally like a tampon, but collects, rather than absorbs, your menstrual flow. Because it has more than 2.5x the capacity of a regular tampon, you can safely wear it for up to 8 hours before emptying. The Scarlet Period Cup is designed for ultimate comfort. Once your cup is in place, you shouldn't feel a thing, meaning you can move freely and confidently. So running, jumping, headstands, and interpretive dance are all on the cards.

How long can I wear it?

Some people say 12 hours, we recommend a maximum of 8 hours at a time, day or night. However, everybody is different - if you have a heavy flow, you may need to empty it more often. Once it's in properly The Scarlet Period Cup is designed so you can move with confidence. 

Can the cup get lost? 

Your Scarlet Period Cup CANNOT GET LOST. Sometimes the cup can move higher in the vagina, but don’t panic. Try using your pelvic muscles to push down on the cup to lower it. The force and skill of gravity will bring it down. Gotta love science.

How do I empty it in public bathroom? 

We get asked this a lot. Simply take out your Scarlet Period Cup and empty it into the toilet. We suggest keeping a bottle of water and a few sachets of our Scarlet Cup Wipes handy so it’s super easy to wipe your cup clean. Make sure to check that the holes at the side of the cup are clear before reinserting the cup. No mess, no fuss.

How do I store my Scarlet Period Cup? 

To keep things fresh, your cup should be stored in a well ventilated environment, so we suggest storing your cup on a dish in the open air, or of course in one of our Scarlet Cup Pods in between cycles. The cup carry case should only be used for carrying your cup for short intervals. Make sure to sterilise your cup before each new cycle.

Cup Reviews

"I'm having a great experience with my Scarlet cup. It really is the best thing since sliced bread. It's literally changing the way my period feels."


"I'll never go back. Absolutely loved the ease and comfort of the cup. Not a single leak! Knowing that I'm using something that's not only good for my body, but for the environment is also a bonus. I'm 100% converted!"


"It took a couple of go's to get the hang of inserting it, but once I did – it was easy! I can't see myself ever going back to tampons! It's also not as messy as you might imagine. I absolutely LOVE it!"


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The Scarlet Period Cup - White

The Scarlet Period Cup - White

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