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Everything You Need to Know About Period Cups

Period Products

When the word "Period Cup" gets dropped into conversation, it's often followed with a stream of questions and curiosity around how it works and what the fuss is all about. 

We asked you everything you wanted to know about the Scarlet Period Cup - these were your most frequently asked questions. But before we deep dive into the 'how', let's talk a little bit more about the 'the why'. 


What is a Period Cup? 

A Period Cup is a flexible cup inserted into the vagina during menstruation.  It is designed to collect your menstrual flow rather than absorbing it like tampons or pads.

Why should you I try Period Cup over other period products? 

  • They hold more fluid than a tampon or a pad, needing only to be changed fewer times per day
  • Over as few as three cycles, a reusable Period Cup can save you money and reduce the number of disposable tampons or pads you’d ordinarily throw away.
  • Tampon fibres can irritate some women, as they over absorb important vaginal mucus, which can lead to a dry and uncomfortable environment and changes in delicate pH levels
  • Pads do the opposite and create a wet environment, which can lead to disruptions in vaginal bacteria and promote yeast overgrowth – also known as thrush
  • Period cups are often less ordouress than tampons or pads
  • You can monitor your menstrual flow, which is especially important if you have endometriosis or heavy bleeding, so you can see exactly how much blood loss you are experiencing
  • Using a cup fosters a deeper connection with your body as you become more aware of your menstrual cycle patterns

How do I know what size to get?

We're all different so we have created the Scarlet Period Cup in two sizes:

Size 1 - Regular Ideal for people who have not given birth. Suitable for lighter to medium flows. Holds up to approximately 2.5 regular tampons

Size 2 - Large Ideal for people who have given birth. Suitable for heavier flows. Holds up to approximately 4 regular tampons.

If you're still unsure say and we'll help find the right fit. 

Can the cup get lost?

Your Scarlet Period Cup CANNOT GET LOST inside your vagina. The force and skill of gravity will bring it down. Gotta love science.

Can I have sex with the Scarlet Period cup in? 

Sadly, no. But you can take it out and enjoy the magic of period sex.  

Should I consider extra protection?

No, that’s the best thing about switching to a Scarlet Period Cup. However, for first time cup users we recommend wearing a backup pair of period undies for the first few cycles for peace of mind and extra protection while you are learning how to master the cup.

Can I still do active things?

Yes! Swimming, yoga, running, surfing, swimming (and any form of exercise really) is all on the cards while wearing your Scarlet Period Cup. We have designed it specifically to move with you and support your everyday performance. 

How do I Insert it?

You can insert a Scarlet Period Cup in just a few simple steps. To break it down, start by finding a comfortable position. Try sitting on the toilet, standing, or squatting. After folding the Cup, hold it in one hand, while you use your free hand to part your labia. now locate your vaginal opening, and slowly insert your period cup into your vagina in the direction your tailbone. As you insert the cup, try to maintain the folded position of the period cup. When you can no longer hold the cup in a folded position let it “pop” open inside your vagina.

The cup is too big—it won't fit inside my vagina, right?

Wrong. There is plenty of room up there for the Scarlet Period Cup to sit comfortably.

What's the lifespan of a Scarlet Period Cup?

If your cup is well looked after it should last for years. Which is why they are so damn good for the planet. But at the first sign of any wear or damage, we suggest replacing it for a new one.

Can I sleep with the cup?

Yes, you can! Your Scarlet Period Cup can be worn for up to 8  hours, so insert it just before bed and rest easy.

Can I use the Scarlet Period with an IUD?

Many people safely and happily use IUDs with their Scarlet Period Cup. If you're unsure, we recommend consulting with your doctor before inserting the cup. 

How do I empty it in a public bathroom?!

If you need to empty your Scarlet Period Cup in a public bathroom, have no fear. Simply take out your cup and empty it into the toilet. Use our Scarlet Hand & Cup Wash for a thorough clean. If you are out and about, we suggest keeping a bottle of water and a few sachets of our Scarlet Cup Wipes handy so it’s super easy to wipe your cup clean. Make sure to check that the holes at the side of the cup are clear before reinserting the cup. No mess, no fuss.

How do I clean it? 

Before you use your Scarlet Period Cup for the first time (and after the end of every period), it’s important to disinfect it. This can be done quickly and easily at home with the Scarlet Steriliser Case, which is included with every Scarlet Period Cup purchase. Simply place your cup in the case, fill it with water, and microwave it for one minute on high. And allow the cup and case to cool completely before touching.
While you're on your period, you don’t need to worry about disinfecting your cup each time, a simple wash in warm water with a mild wash or wiping clean with our Scarlet Cup Wipes will do the trick.

Can I pee and poop while wearing the cup?

Of course. No need to remove the Scarlet Period Cup when taking a wee or number two. It will stay in place - no problems and will not interfere unlike a pesky tampon string. If you feel your cup has moved, simply re-adjust with clean hands.

My cup keeps leaking, what do I do?!

As long as your Scarlet Period is the right size, is inserted correctly and emptied when needed, it should not leak. However, like tampons leaks can happen – especially if your cup hasn’t opened out properly. To check your Scarlet Period Cup is open, run your finger around the base of the cup. It should feel even all the way around. If you feel an indent, try twisting your cup around a couple of times.
If you feel you’ve done everything and your cup still isn’t feeling quite right – you may need to reconsider your cup size.
If we could say one thing about switching to a Period Cup, it's this... don’t give up. Majority of avid cup users say they'll never go back to tampons and that it took them a few cycles to truly master it. Keep at it.

Do have you more questions about making the switch? Feel free to get in touch with us at



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