Beyond Bargains: Transparency in Pricing

girl with discount messages on face

Lately, several emails with one theme have hit our inbox—sales. It seems we're all caught in the whirlwind of discounts, each one promising to be the tipping point in our decision-making process. I'll admit, I've been there, too, lured by the allure of a substantial discount without giving much thought to the underlying mechanics.

But what if we paused for a moment to ponder? Behind every sale lies a calculated strategy, balancing costs and profits. It's not merely a gesture of generosity; it's a carefully orchestrated maneuver where every discount is accounted for in the grand pricing scheme. So yes, you pay for that sale price throughout the year instead.

So, let's talk about why we've chosen to steer clear of traditional sales tactics.

Our ethos revolves around offering you the best possible value year-round while sustaining our business. Instead of fleeting sales, we maintain competitive prices year-round, balancing affordability and viability. Moreover, we extend our value proposition through carefully curated bundle deals. These bundles offer substantial discounts and represent our earnest endeavour to offer you any potential savings. By leveraging economies of scale, we can drive down the overall cost of goods, translating into tangible benefits for our customers.

We understand we might not be the most economical option. But let me elucidate why that's the case.

Firstly, quality is non-negotiable for us. We're steadfast in our commitment to using the finest materials, uncompromisingly organic and free from harmful chemicals like PFAs. But it doesn't stop there. We go the extra mile, conducting rigorous independent tests to ensure that every fabric meets our exacting standards. Yes, it comes at a premium, but when it comes to something that literally touches your most intimate areas, trust is paramount. 

Each piece is meticulously crafted, from design to material selection, ensuring utmost safety and comfort. While other brands may offer tempting low prices, they do so at the expense of thoroughness and quality assurance.

Look at some other period brands offering seemingly irresistible deals ($15?! Tempting, huh!?) But here's the truth behind those bargain prices: they're simply repackaging off-the-shelf items from catalogues, without a second thought to design, testing, or material safety. They rely on the assurances of sales agents, blissfully unaware of the chemicals lurking within their products. It's the epitome of fast fashion – rapid turnover and enticing prices, but at what expense? We refuse to compromise on quality or integrity. Every stitch, every fabric, and every detail is scrutinized and purposefully chosen to uphold our standards.

Lastly, let's talk about scale. We're not industry giants; we're an independently-owned Australian business striving to make a mark amidst economic uncertainties. Our size may limit our bargaining power, but it amplifies our dedication to each customer and every product we create.

So, is this a rant? Perhaps. But I prefer to view it as an exposition – a glimpse into the ethos guiding our business practices. It's about more than just sales; it's about staying true to our principles, even when the allure of a quick sale beckons.