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We get it - you’ve probably been using tampons and pads since your very first period so switching to period underwear is going to take a little getting used to. But trust us, once you understand what they are, how they work, and how safe they really are, you’re never going to look back!

So, let’s just get straight to it and answer and debunk the top myths, misconceptions and questions about menstrual period underwear so that you can make an informed decision whether they’re right for you.


What is menstrual period underwear?

Menstrual period underwear is designed with special features that make them more absorbent than regular panties. But the good news is they still look and feel a lot like your everyday underwear so there’s no compromising on comfort or style! Our period underwear features leak-proof layers, moisture-wicking fabrics and anti-bacterial elements that allow you to stay fresh throughout your cycle. Menstrual underwear come in various styles depending on how heavy your flow is; so, it's important that you pick one that's suited to you and your cycle.


Top period underwear questions

Can I wear them all day?
Yes! As a general rule we recommend changing your period underwear after eight hours, but it really depends on how light or heavy your flow is and the absorbency level of the period undies you’re wearing that day.

Is there any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?
Not at all. TSS is caused by leaving tampons in too long, so if you wash your periods pants after each use, there's no increased risk.

Does wearing period undies make me feel wet?
No; our period underwear is designed with breathable fabrics to ensure that moisture won't seep through and make you feel uncomfortable.


Common period underwear myths

Are these only for women with light flows?
Not at all! You can find period panties suited for any kind of flow (light, moderate, heavy).

Will these prevent leakage on other days too?
Definitely! Even on days when you don't have your period (otherwise known as overflow days), they'll keep everything in place!



Want to know how to clean period underwear so that they remain hygienic, safe, and comfortable. Read on!
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