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My Cycle: Bonnee Fahlstrom


Bonnee Fahlstrom, a model and health advocate from Gold Coast, shares how she embraces her period, her self-love journey, and her top beauty and health tips.


Name: Bonnee Fahlstrom
Occupation: Beauty, Health and Lifestyle Advocate
Location: Gold Coast, QLD


Where did you love of health & wellbeing come from?

Raised by a single mother who embraced organic and health-conscious living, I imbibed these values from a young age. My mother instilled the importance of preserving one's health, nurturing mental wellbeing, and fostering a deep love for practices like yoga and meditation. Her unwavering guidance has always kept me grounded, allowing me to embrace an authentic approach to life.


When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, what’s your approach?

A holistic approach to health and well-being encompasses clean eating, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, mindfulness and meditation, the cultivation of gratitude, moments of laughter, and the judicious use of scientifically validated nutritional supplements.


What does eating well mean to you?

Eating well signifies a harmonious relationship with one's body, marked by intuitive eating. The concept of "food as medicine" resonates profoundly with me. When your body is in a state of health, it radiates this vitality through your skin. You shine!

My daily routine starts with a cold-pressed celery juice. In summer it’s a smoothie brimming with coconut water, acai, banana, raspberries, blueberries, dates, plant-based protein supplements, herbs, sea moss, and collagen. My dinners typically revolve around a plant-based menu. Whether it's a comforting bowl of broccolini cheesy pasta, vegetarian pizza, roasted veggies or Thai food, I find joy in vegetarian options.

Bonnee Fahlston at home

Describe your approach to self-care:

Walking along the beach and practicing yoga, a discipline I've cherished since the age of 14, constitute integral parts of my routine. I also find tremendous benefit in lymphatic massages, indulging in infrared sauna sessions and reflexology.


How do you live more eco?

Consider transitioning to reusable or ecofriendly alternatives for everyday items like shopping bags, water bottles, or menstrual products. Small, mindful choices can have a substantial positive impact on the environment. It's the consistent and mindful choices we make that shape our path to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. For women, consider eco-friendly menstrual products, such as Scarlet. Over time, the positive impact of such choices can be significant.


What advice would you give to your younger self:

I would tell my younger self to embrace and love her body more, to manage stress effectively, and to worry less. I've always been quite sensitive, and I wish I hadn't fretted as much. Listening to my mother's wisdom, particularly her emphasis on applying sunscreen, would have been a valuable lesson. With age, I've gained a deeper awareness of the importance of protecting my fertility and educating myself about IVF.

Bonnee likes a healthy, organic lifestyle

What are three products that have had a big impact for you?

  • I rely on the Oura Ring, a device that tracks various health metrics, including sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature, and step counts. It even monitors my menstrual cycle, offering me a wealth of valuable insights.
  • Another indispensable addition is the Waters Co water filter, which ensures optimal hydration by eliminating impurities.
  • The book "The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love" by Sonya Renee Taylor. It offers valuable insights and practical guidance on how to foster a healthier and more loving relationship with one's body.


What’s your beauty routine like?

My skincare regimen is minimalistic, and I prioritise my diet and maintain my health so my skin glows. My skincare choices include products from Aspect Skincare (I love their SPF) and PCA Skincare. At night, I indulge in a Hyaluronic sleep mask to maintain skin hydration. I also enjoy a chilled eye mask - I keep in the fridge to use before a modelling shoot or when I'm feeling bougee. I have also developed a practice of skin icing, which entails dipping my face into a bowl of ice for a refreshing experience.


What are your top beauty products or tools?

My gua sha massage tool improves circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, as well as facial massage and body brushing. I also discuss the importance of sunscreen for skin protection and nontoxic plant-based perfumes infused with essential oils.


When it comes to your period, finish the following:

  • My period in 3-words: Empowering, cyclical, transformative… It can also be moody, sleepy, or energetic; it depends on where I am in my cycle!
  • Best period hacks: Stay well-hydrated with filtered water, coconut water and a few glasses of red wine. Incorporate gentle, regular exercise. Prioritise self-care, including relaxation and stress management.
  • Self-care toolkit: Practices like yoga, meditation, lymphatic massages, and infrared sauna.
  • Scarlet product pick: I love the thong style, as my period is light, and this style works best for my body.


You can read more on Bonnee's blog or follow her on Instagram @bonnee_fahlstrom.

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