MY CYCLE: LBDO founder Rachel Baker

LBDO founder Rachel Baker

During the height of the COVID pandemic, Rachel Baker made the risky move to trade in her 9-5 job in beauty PR to launch her own sexual wellness brand. It paid off and now her company LBDO is going from strength to strength. With a personal passion for promoting positive sexual pleasure, Rachel’s new career has also led her to discovering the healing power of orgasms during her period.

Name: Rachel Baker
Day job: Founder & CEO at LBDO
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Flow: Moderate
Length: 5-6 days

Do you remember your first period?

Yes! Even though I remember my mum talking to me about getting a period one day, I still woke up in the middle of the night on my first bleed so confused and scared. I went into my parent’s room crying and woke my mum up to let her know and she talked me through using my first ever pad - I remember being so overwhelmed that I stuck it on my underwear the wrong way, sticky side facing upwards towards my vulva wondering why it all felt so weird. Bless! Little 11-year-old me. My mum was talking to me through the closed bathroom door, reassuring me it was all normal and was so supportive! My heart warms thinking back to that 4am moment.


What's your period routine in a nutshell?

Fortunately, it’s pretty consistent nowadays and lasts anywhere between 5-6 days with a couple heavier days in the middle. I usually get some light cramping for 1-2 days but nothing a Naprogesic can’t fix. I can always feel when my period is coming on because the hunger levels start to kick in a few days before and I start to get more moody - oh the joys! But I track my period so I know when to anticipate it and put things in place to make life easier like committing to less social plans, making more time for myself, and often not putting big work presentations or meetings during that week.


What does self-care look like throughout your cycle?

Lots more slowing down - my default is to be go-go-go but when my period comes on, it’s my reminder to slow down. It looks like lots of herbal tea and Pana chocolate and more time spent in nature. I’ll use a heat pack when I need to and make sure I’m communicating really well with my partner and friends. My two best friends and I are often in sync with our periods which we love, so we’ll send each other the red blood emoji and that’s our little way of saying that our period has arrived and to be extra gentle and caring with each other. It’s really just an excuse for us to check in more with each other, provide some more love, patience and care. It’s our way to feel more connected.


What about movement? 

I always feel better moving even when I’ve got my period. There’s no set regimen, it’s more tuning into my body and what it needs and feels like. If it’s a walk instead of a run, or a slow yoga flow instead of a hot pilates class, then I’ll go with that. I tend to take it a lot easier during that week and do whatever feels good.

Tell us about your relationship with your period?

For so many years I had a pretty troubled relationship with my period, doing everything to avoid it which is why I was on the pill for so many years and I didn’t actually get a period. Whilst there were some benefits for me, it got to a point where I started to question if I could get a period at all and what it would be like for me as it had been so long.

Now that my period is regular, I’ve started to love and genuinely look forward to that time of the month. It’s a sacred time where I get a gentle reminder to slow down and where I can feel more connected to my body and feminine energy.


What about your beauty routine?

It usually involves more forms of self-care: more face masks and generally more TLC. My hair and skincare routine stays the same but I often up my sexual self-care routine during my period.

Is there a product you turn to for a lift during your period?

I actually LOVE using my LBDO Essensual Vibe vibrator when I have my period - I find my orgasms are way more intense and it’s such a good release of pain, tension and cramps. This is actually scientifically proven - when you orgasm, your body releases chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine that act as painkillers and help deal with menstrual cramps. The blood rushes to the uterus and helps relieve cramps as you orgasm. It’s my go-to and I highly recommend it!


How important is sleep to your period?

Sleep is always so important to me! Like most people, I just don’t function well when I haven’t slept well. I find myself working at such a fast pace throughout the majority of the month but strangely I notice the night before I’m getting my period I always have a terrible sleep. I find myself buzzing and I always know ‘Ohh my period must be coming tomorrow’ and then I’ll wake up and have it. But once it arrives, my body starts to slow down and release all that fast-paced energy I’ve been holding onto and it can finally relax.


Period sex - yes or no?

My libido tends to increase the few days before my period and period sex in the shower is a yes for me! My partner has no issue with it and will often encourage it, shower or not. Outside of that, as I mentioned before, my cycle often enhances my relationship with myself. I feel really connected to my body and my desires and love to use my Essensual Vibe to make me feel good!

LBDO Rachel Baker

Does your period get in the way of your work?

We’re a team of all women so we’re all really open with each other when we have our periods. You’ll often find us sitting at our desks with wheat packs and more tea, or working from home. I just make sure I don’t have anything too hectic on during that week as I know I might not feel as up to it as I usually would. When it comes to our internal team, we’re all honest and open and just start the day by letting each other know when we have our periods if it’s something that’s on our mind or we’ve got cramps.

Are there times in your cycle where you feel more creative than others?

Definitely in the last few days of my cycle I notice I’m a lot more creative. That’s when I’ll go for a walk in nature and have some of my best ideas. I’ll leave my phone behind and tune into that creative side and then when I get home, I’ll make sure to write it all down.


How did your LBDO journey begin?

I was working as a PR Manager at L’Oreal when the pandemic hit and we were forced into a lockdown in Victoria. During that time at home, I had the chance to re-evaluate my priorities and think about my future, and I felt an urge to do something I was more passionate about that would bring me greater purpose.
And so, I decided to take the leap and launch LBDO - creating beautiful and modern sexual wellness products to elevate your bedroom essentials. Our mission is to break down taboos and stigmas, empower everybody to experience sexual pleasure as well as give people a place they can come to learn, ask questions and have open, safe discussions.


What has been your biggest pinch-me moments since starting? 

Launching into Selfridges in the UK was the biggest pinch-me moment! They reached out saying they were interested in stocking LBDO as part of their launch into the sexual wellness category. An iconic department store like Selfridges, which has historically been more conservative, was an incredible reminder of how far we’ve come and that we’re on the right path.


What did LBDO teach YOU about sex? 

I love working in this space because honestly, every day I’m learning something new! I remember a chat I had early on with our wonderful LBDO sexologist where she taught me just how incredible the clitoris is. If you’re lucky enough to have a clitoris, you might be surprised to know that the sole purpose of the clitoris is for pleasure!


What 3 tips would you give your teenager self?

  1. Pleasure is power. Understanding your body and desires has so many incredible benefits - from feeling more connected to yourself, better communication, and better intimacy.
  2. Try new things, explore your interests, and make mistakes. Don’t compare yourself to those around you - you’re all on your own journey and it will be OK! These experiences will shape your identity and help you grow into the person you're meant to be.
  3. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you. And never stop telling the people you love how much you love them!

My period, summarised…

  • My period in 3-words: Sacred, connected, home
  • On day 1 you can find me: Drinking a lot more herbal tea, ideally in bed if it’s possible, with my LBDO Essensual Vibe!
  • Best period hacks: Masturbation, orgasm, self-love
  • Contraception: Condoms
  • Scarlet pickScarlet Period Bikini Brief

Finally, your advice for...