MY CYCLE: San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens

San Cisco drummer Scarlett Stevens talks to Scarlet Period

San Cisco drummer Scarlett Stevens doesn’t buy into wellness trends. Instead, she prefers to eat, go to the pub with friends, do yoga, and dance – “I think life is all about balance, and I don’t deny myself anything.” Scarlett likes to keep her self-care routine minimal, and when it comes to her period, she’s all for watching Sexy Beasts on Netflix, hot tea, chocolate, and period undies. 


Name: Scarlett Stevens 
Pronoun: She/her
Occupation: Musician 
Location: Fremantle/Walyalup

Tell us about your period...

My period lasts about six days, which can be very draining, physically and mentally. I get heavy periods accompanied by constipation at first, which turns into a sensation of ‘oh my god, I’m gonna shit myself’ when the bleeding and cramping starts. Sometimes, I get blood clots that I have to push through the drain in the shower. I always bleed on my bed sheets, my clothes, and towels. It’s a bloody mess!

SCARLET PERIOD | BLOG | Interview with San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens

Do you remember your first period? 

I was 14 and had just touched down at Heathrow airport on a family holiday. I went to the bathroom and saw this thick, dark brown discharge in my knickers. I felt like I’d been ripped off! I didn’t really register it was a period at first because I expected it to be red. I think my mum gave me some panty-liners.  Great start to a holiday!  

What’s your period routine? 

I get uncomfortable bloating in the days leading up to my period, which sucks. However, my boobs swell up and look amazing. I definitely become more critical about my appearance and generally feel quite downhearted and cranky around this time, and that pretty much tells me I’m getting my period. I bleed heavily on the first and second days and feel completely wiped out, so it can be hard to summon the energy to be social. After 14 years of bleeding and inserting and changing a million tampons, I am so happy I’ve made the switch to period undies. They are my go-to period product these days, and I wish they were around when I was a teenager. I’m still getting the hang of the period cup, I haven’t quite nailed it yet.

On self care routines… 

I try to be kind and gentle to myself, observe whatever thoughts come to mind and mood changes, and just go with it and let it all come out. I have to be comfortable when I’m on my period, so I’m usually snuggled up on the couch in trackies and a hoodie with a hot water bottle watching TV. I can’t stand being cold when I’m crampy and bleeding, so hot showers and consuming lots of warm drinks are always a must for me.

San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens reading book on red couch

On periods and movement… 

I try to steer clear of workouts on day 1, and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll stretch or go for a walk. I think it’s so easy to feel burnt out and exhausted for no reason while you’re on your period, so I try to conserve my energy as much as possible in the lead-up to getting it and the first few days of bleeding. I love yoga and have been in the same class for 8 years. I’ve also started attending a dance class this year, which has been amazing for my dance moves and anxiety!

On periods and beauty routine…

I find myself reaching for the pimple cream more around my period, thanks to hormones! Sometimes I’ll do a masque, but I try to keep my routine simple. The week after my period is usually when my skin is at its best.  

What are the beauty & wellness products you can’t live without?

My skin is very prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation from acne and picking (I am a compulsive picker), so I always try to protect it from the sun. I’d say sunscreen is probably my most essential beauty product. At the moment I’m using a Rationale one which I love, it feels very luxurious and has a very subtle tint to it but most chemist-brand sunscreens do the trick! I don’t subscribe to any wellness trends; I love to eat, go to the pub with friends, do yoga, dance - I think life’s all about balance, and I don’t deny myself any small pleasures.  

San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens doing makeup looking in mirror

On periods and dating…

It’s important to be with someone who is sensitive to you emotionally and holds you in those tricky times. Period'ing doesn’t get in the way of my love life too much and I’m all for period sex, just not on the first couple of days.

On periods and performing… 

It doesn’t stop me from doing what I love, but that said, there is nothing worse than playing a gig when you are on the first day of your period, and all you want is to be in bed watching ‘sexy beasts’ on Netflix and sipping tea. I’ve noticed I find it hard to be super creative or productive whilst on my period, especially if we are recording or writing; everything feels like a bit of a drag, and I find I’m way harder on myself and self-critical. 

My period, summarised...

  • My period in 3-words: Hell on earth!
  • Best period Hacks: Period undies, chocolate, a hot water bottle and a good tv series!
  • My contraception method of choice: I’ve recently come off the pill in the last six months, so currently, condoms are my go-to contraceptive. I really miss being able to skip my period, but it has been nice getting to know my cycle and get back in touch with my body again. 
  • Self-care toolkit: An assortment of Period undies, a hot water bottle in winter, ‘calming’ tea (like chamomile), and cold sore cream! I find I’m more likely to get cold sores when I’m on my period. 
  • On day 1 you can find me: Vegging out on the sofa watching telly, usually eating chocolate digestive biscuits.  
  • The period products that make up my period routine: I’ve ditched pads and tampons, and now I only use period undies. They have seriously changed my life for the better. 
San Cisco Drummer Scarlett Stevens wearing pimple patches

Finally, your advice for...

  • When you’re feeling down: Just remember ‘you are not your thoughts’. My friend shared this with me and I’ve found it really helpful.
  • Words to live by: Carpe diem.
  • TV series: Puberty Blues on Netflix. it’s so good! 
  • Podcast reco: Rumble with Michael Moore - the episode with Ru Paul on it!
  • Book everyone should read: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse 
  • Period playlist: Lil Tjay ‘calling my Phone’ and Miley Cyrus ‘midnight sky’.
  • Top 3 beauty products… Pink Blush, nude lip liner and my Maison Pearson hairbrush.


For more from Scarlett, follow her @beryl_streep. Images by Olivia Senior