Period Underwear Reviews: Here’s What Our Customers Say

Girl in period underwear

Our range of period underwear has been receiving a lot of love from our community. Discover why they love it and why you should try them today. 

1. Comfort is Key ☁️

“Comfort is key and these panties offer the ultimate meaning of comfort. Perfect for sleeping and even under my favourite pair of jeans" – Jade 

2. NO VPL! 👖

“I love the seam free for wearing out and about. I also loved the high waist fit which sat comfortably in line with Mom jeans. I will definitely be wearing and buying again (and telling all my friends). Converted” - Sophie 

3. Till Death Do Us Part 💐

“Bury me in the G-string. I love it! Super flattering, super comfy, super sexy. I would genuinely just wear these everyday -  even when I’m not on my period. They feel like regular underwear” - Ginevra


4. Sexy AF 🔥

“They are super comfortable but most importantly, they make you feel sexy about yourself” - Hana 

5. Life Changing! 😱

I recently tried Scarlet period undies and bruh they have changed my life. They fit me to a T! Switching to Scarlet has been such a game changer. I flow heavy on my first 3 days so these are perfect for me - and they don’t feel bulky. I’m so stoked!” - Lydia

6. No Leaks! 🤸🏽‍♀️

"The Boyshort are so comfy and they don’t dig in. I have a moderate-heavy flow, so I wear these to bed. And you know I sleep real good because I’m not worried about leakage! - Cassarea 

7. Worry Free on Tour! 👩🏼‍🎤

"They make my life so much easier and worry-free when I’m on tour and have my period!" - Scarlett 

8. Stress Free Feels 🧘🏽‍♀️

"This is my second pregnancy and I have lbl sometimes. The g-string makes me feel comfortable to be able to go about my day and not stress about embarrassing myself. I was searching for something that was comfortable, had organic cotton, and provided support for lbl, so i found all that in Scarlet." - Melanie 

9. For However You Flow ✌🏼

"I love the undies! I love sleeping in the shorts, I did a photoshoot in the g-string! I am super keen to try the seamless!"  - Mimi 

10. Highly Recommended 🏆 

"I've tried other brands of period undies and these are definitely my favourite. The fabric feels like brand new after every wash and they are very comfy. I would highly recommend." - Kirsten 

11. Cute–☕️ 

"I reach for my Scarlet Underwear monthly, as well as a never ending supply of hot tea lol ☕️ The undies are super easy to wash, so comfy and cute as!!" - Maggie 

12. Playing favourites 💖

The seamless are by far the best seamless period undies I have tried and I have tried A LOT! -  Mia 

13. No diaper feels 🙅🏼‍♀️

"It was like a light bulb moment when I used Scarlet for the first time. Living with chronic pain, I’ve tried SO MANY other products and nothing else worked or was as comfortable and easy as Scarlet Period Undies (I tried others and they felt like diapers!!)" - Keely 

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14.  For the teens 💁🏼‍♀️

"My daughter has just started wearing them with amazing results. She is so comfortable and confident during her 1st cycle. Highly recommend them." - Tracy 

15. Just In Case🩸

"I’m wearing my boyshorts right now and love them so so much. I found they’re the perfect match alongside my cup on heavy days. I actually just wore them out of comfort then accidentally got my period that day and it was sublime to just chill." - Vanessa


16. We support you🪂

"Scarlet undies has made the struggle that is my period (which can last anywhere to 2 weeks for me) infinitely easier! The Everyday Brief are my absolute favourites!" - Ali 

17. Wedding Approved 🍾

"I tested the G-string at a wedding under silk pants (there was a jumping castle and everything) and zero leaking!" - Amy