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Would You, Could You: The "Free Bleed" Trend

Menstrual Health

Free bleeding is trending on TikTok. While it may not be practical or comfortable for everyone, there’s no doubt it challenges taboos and encourages body positivity and sustainability.


Understanding Free Bleeding

Free bleeding is about letting menstrual blood flow freely without using traditional menstrual products such as tampons or pads. Advocates say it promotes a more natural and shame-free approach to menstruation, as well as promoting sustainability, reducing the environmental footprint of single-use, disposable period products. There is also an element of empowerment that comes from asserting control over one’s cycle and challenging the societal norms that exist around a period.


The Role of TikTok

Whether or not it’s a new trend, TikTok has put a spotlight on it of late, with users sharing personal stories, advice, and amping up convos around menstruation. And from where we stand, anything that opens conversations around periods, feminism, and body positivity is only a good thing.


Could You, Would You?

While free bleeding is a valid choice for some, it may not be practical or comfortable for everyone. This is where period underwear comes into play. Period underwear is designed to provide a secure and leak-proof solution for managing menstruation without the need for additional products. It also ticks the box for reducing the environmental impact of single-use period products, and given they last several years with proper care, saving you money in the long run.

And while free bleeding and period underwear are distinct practices, they share common goals. Both seek to destigmatise menstruation, promote body positivity, and reduce the environmental impact of menstrual care. For those who find free bleeding uncomfortable or impractical, period underwear offers an effective and sustainable alternative.

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