How To Period Proof Your Pool Days

Model wears Scarlet Period High Waist Swim Brief

Remember that feeling of freedom and joy when you hit the water? Now, imagine experiencing that same carefree feeling every single day of your period. Enter the game-changer: Scarlet Period Swimwear.


So, how does it work?

Unlike regular swimsuits, Scarlet Period Swimwear boasts a three-layer technology:

👉 Moisture-wicking outer layer: Keeps you dry and comfortable, preventing water from entering while letting sweat escape. This layer is also made largely from recycled ocean plastics, giving new life to waste and reducing environmental impact.

👉 Absorbent core: This layer acts like a superhero, holding onto your flow like a pad or tampon, depending on the design and brand. Scarlet Period Swimwear holds up to 2 tampons' worth of blood, making it ideal for lighter flow days.

👉 Leak-proof inner layer: This is your security blanket, ensuring everything stays contained and leak-free so you can confidently splash around.


Thinking about trying it out but still have questions? We've got you covered!


Do they really work?

Yes! Our current options are perfect for light periods, but stay tuned! We've got a moderate flow version coming soon that will be a total game-changer (unlike anything else on the market!).


How long can I wear it?

Everyone's different! Check the absorbency level and consider how often you change your menstrual products. You can also maximise wear time using a tampon or cup alongside your period swimwear. We offer the Scarlet Period Cup, a comfortable and eco-friendly option for heavier flow days.


What are the benefits?

👉 Comfort: Ditch the discomfort of tampons or pads for worry-free swimming (and surfing!).

👉 Eco-friendly: It's reusable and sustainable, reducing waste compared to disposable products. Scarlet Period Swimwear is also made with recycled ocean plastics, helping to clean our oceans.

👉 Convenience: Easy to use and maintain – swim, rinse, repeat!

👉 Full protection: Say goodbye to leaks and hello to confidence in the water.
Ready to take the plunge?


Explore our range here and stay tuned for the much-anticipated moderate flow option coming soon!