Make Your Period Mood Swings Work for You

Girl looking happy with blue sky background

It’s like clockwork by now: your period is on the horizon and suddenly you have all these big feelings. You’re irritated at a comment your friend made in a group chat one minute and crying over an unexpected email from your boss the next. Take heart—these surges of emotion are not only manageable but can be harnessed to your advantage. Here’s how.


Tune in to your intuition.

If you’re usually pretty good at sniffing people out, your perceptive powers will be further amplified during your period, thanks to the ebb and flow of hormones. That friend who feels off? That gut feeling about a decision? Trust it. Your intuition is on fire, making you a human lie detector and decision-making queen. Go with your gut - it’s sharper than ever.


Hit refresh on your space.

Ever get the urge to clean like a maniac when you're on your period? It's not just you. Periods can trigger a nesting instinct, a primal urge to create a comfortable and organised space. Whip out that vacuum, scrub those floors, and declutter your life. It’s like a mini detox for your mind and space. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed, in control, and in a much better mood.


Strengthen your connections.

Your big period feelings don’t just affect you. Let them deepen - not dampen - your relationships by channelling your heightened empathy. Use this time to truly listen and connect with the people you care about on a more meaningful level, whether by calling your mum or taking your best friend out to brunch and giving her your undivided attention. Maybe you’ll even discover they have big feelings they’re working through, too, and you can work through them side by side, knowing you’re always stronger together.


So next time your period rolls around, don’t let the mood swings get you down. Flip the script and make it work for you. You’ve got this.