Scarlet Period Daily Cleanser (Scented) | pH-balanced + Vulva-friendly

Scarlet Period Daily Cleanser (Scented)


You have questions. We have answers.


Heck no. While regular body washes can contain harsh ingredients and fragrances that may disrupt the pH balance of your intimate areas, this body cleanser is made specifically to be gentle on your vulva. Just remember to use it externally only, so never inside your actual vagina. And in the (very) unlikely case of irritation, put down the bottle.

Is it cruelty-free?

Obvi. We never ever use animal-by products and our products are only tested by our community in Australia.

What’s so special about this formula?

Where to even begin. First off, each ingredient was intentionally selected for its effing amazing properties. Calendula is naturally soothing, perfect for sensitive skin. Hemp extracts are chock-a-block with antioxidants and omega fatty acids, making them ultra nourishing. Jojoba oil is a natural moisturiser that mimics the skin’s sebum, softening and replenishing without clogging pores. And we haven’t even got the best part. We searched and searched (and searched!) for an allergen-free scent that still smelt bonkers. And we found the perfect one, that conveniently also helps calm the skin — none other than chamomile.

Does it contain palm oil?

Yikes. We’re not in the business of deforestation. So no. There’s absolutely zero palm oil in our products.

Why is pH-balanced so important?

Ooooh, we love this question. Your vulva’s pH ranges from 3.8-5, which is on the acidic side. (For reference, neutral pH is a 7.) Regular body washes can have a higher pH than your vulva, which can mess with the acidic environment down there, causing things like thrush to happen.
Our pH-balanced cleanser is carefully formulated to match the pH of your bits, preserving your natural acidity and cleansing without disturbing or irritating the verryyyy delicate balance. Science, huh.

Is the cleanser suitable for pregnant women or postpartum care?

Congratulations, baby mama. Yep, this product is safe for use during pregnancy as well as postpartum. But to be on the super duper safe side, check in with your doctor before you introduce any new products into your routine.


"No irritation like other products for down there. Rate it."

- Honi R.


"Elevating period care. The new product you need on your shelf!"

- Carissa S.


"No irritation like other products for down there. Rate it."

- Honi R.