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Nailing Individuality: A Colourful Conversation with Caitlyn Iskra


Step into the vibrant world of Caitlyn Iskra, the creative force behind Melbourne-based Horni Nails. Sharing the story behind her colourful and fashionable creations, Caitlyn also opens up about her period, self-care rituals and the importance of embracing one's natural cycle.

Name: Caitlyn Iskra
Day job: Horni Nails
Location: Fitzroy, Vic


Describe your work in one sentence…

Challenge conventional beauty norms whilst exploring the internal dialogue of each indicates creative desires.


Describe a typical day in your world?

I wake up intuitively (risky I know!) … usually I’m up at 7ish, shower, matcha, Pilates and then I walk down to the studio. After 3-5 clients, it’s late afternoon so I recharge at home. My relax and reset time is a must. I connect quite deeply and presently with my clients, so my alone time is crucial.

I’ll read, paint, listen to music on my balcony; anything that gives me a sense of creativity in my own way. I’ll often end the day cooking and spending time with friends.


Where did Horni Nails come from?

It originated from wanting to create something completely off field. I always use the word horny to express something that made me feel a certain way - but I didn’t want to tie it directly to something hyper-sexualized, so I changed the ‘Y’ to an ‘I’ and it created its own identity.

Caitlyn Iskra from Horni Nails

What influences your creative process?

A vast amount of my creative process comes from colour. I studied colour therapy. Known as chromotherapy, it’s the process of using colour and light to distinguish deeper, emotional connections, and understand one’s internal feelings.

Food has also been something that forms a deep reaction for me - jelly like substances and anything with an obscene amount of texture.


Do you remember your first period?🩸

Oh yes, I was so excited. I remember telling my mom and the look of astonishment on her face really changed the tone of the day, but I got the day off school, and I got to just sit with myself and integrate what this meant and bubble in my room; I was just excited.

Caitlyn Iskra's nail art

My period, summarized...

  • Describe in 3-words: Heightened, cleansing & reparative.
  • My period is: A time to go inwards and relinquish my ability to show up for myself, learn about my body and create a safe space to feel into in internal and external relationship.
  • Period hacks: Grocery shopping before reframes how I’m going to eat and snack. Also, peppermint tea, air con and a good show to binge.
  • Contraception: In the case of casual sex, pull out method and condoms ❤️ If in a monogamous relationship, I’d really like a partner to consider a vasectomy. After much study, the chances of me going on a contraception pill are slim.
  • Self-care toolkit: Kinesiology, regulating my nervous system, hot Pilates (sweating it out) grounding myself in nature, silk bed sheets and fresh produce.
  • Period products: I’ve recently experienced free bleeding with period pants. Not using tampons has really changed the experience! I don’t have to worry about running to the bathroom or the fear of it being in too long. Period pants have really saved me money too. Plus, heat pack, ordering takeout, while curled up in bed watching a movie.


Random Advice Sharing...

  • TV series: The Empress, an Austrian periodic drama about the rise and fall of the Austrian empire. 10/10! Also, rewatching Sex and the City, and Broad City. My Gemini rising really being exposed here.
  • Book: I’ll give you three: The Seat Of The Soul - Gary Zukav, The Great Dune Trilogy - Frank Herbert and The Secret Language of your Body - Inna Segal
  • Top 3 beauty products: Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil, MAC Blush in Dainty and Fenty Lipgloss in Sweet Mouth.
  • When feeling down: sit with your body and allow yourself to acknowledge whatever sensations, feelings or emotions are present. When I feel down it’s often a process of intuitively understanding my needs. That could be a shower, good food, a favourite movie (often Harry Potter) or just calling a family member or friend.
  • Words to live by: Wabi sabi.


Check out Horni Nails' website and follow Caitlyn on Instagram @caitlyniskra.

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