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Beyond "Sanitary": Reframing the Conversation Around Periods

Menstrual Health

Let's talk periods. No, seriously. It's time to have an open and honest conversation about this essential bodily function, and that includes the products we use to manage it. But first, we need to address the issue at hand: the language we're using.

Words like "hygienic" and "sanitary" applied to period products perpetuate the harmful myth that periods are dirty or shameful. It's not just outdated, it's inaccurate. Periods are a natural part of life, and the products we use to manage them should be offered without judgment and in a variety of options, both disposable and reusable.

Another crucial shift involves the way we frame the conversation around cost. Instead of labeling projects as "period poverty" initiatives, let's focus on the unfair reality that costly products are a barrier to access. Everyone deserves the right to manage their periods with dignity and comfort, regardless of their financial background.

Finally, inclusivity matters. Not all people who menstruate identify as women, and not all women menstruate. When talking about periods and period products, it's important to use inclusive language, like "those who menstruate" or "people who require period products." Our language should reflect and respect the diversity of experiences.

At Scarlet, we believe education is key to breaking down walls and fostering understanding. By having open conversations, using inclusive language, and advocating for accessible and diverse period product options, we can create a world where periods are no longer shrouded in secrecy and shame, but simply a normal part of life.

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