MY CYCLE: Content Creator Makayla Loves

Makayla Loves

Makayla Loves is a content creator and self-confessed pleasure junkie. She’s on a mission to break the stigmas around body image, sexual pleasure and mental health by celebrating body positivity, mental health awareness and sexual freedom. When it comes to her period, she is in tune with her body and prioritises self-care and self-love to see her through.

Name: Makayla Loves
Pronouns: she/her
Day job: Content Creator/Stylist
Location: Sydney, NSW
Flow: Light
Length: 3 days


Do you remember your first period?

I was late to the party (as always) to get my period and go through puberty. I noticed a lot of my friends around me had their periods years before I did, so when I got mine it felt like I was handed an invite to finally attend that party with every other vulva owner!

My lovely mum bought me a book called “puberty girl” prior to the ‘average’ age of puberty commencing; I remember feeling embarrassed for owning that book, so I hid it in my underwear drawer. I remember the day I got my period I opened that book up and it was like the Holy Grail of puberty and periods for me at the time!


What's your period routine in a nutshell?

Pre-wash my Scarlet undies. Rest when I need to rest. My pink fluffy hot water bottle is at the ready. Charge my Ovira period device. Take time off work if my back pain and cramps are too painful. Hot steamy baths are a must!


What about movement?

I believe moving through emotions is so important and easily done through dance. Stretching through cramps and back pain is such a lovely feeling as well. Applying this around the time of my period may mean the week before I am listening to slow moody music and moving to that. The week during may be slow, erotic music to move through and release the sexual energy I feel during my period. The week following, I listen to funkier music when I have finished my bleed and feel energised and ready to start a new cycle!


Tell us about your relationship with your period?

I feel somewhat lucky that my body's default naturally has been a short and light period for the most part. I have fucked my body around in the past with an IUD and the pill, and let me tell you my body hated me for those two forms of contraception: she was like ‘oh hellll no you do not need any more hormones, we don’t like this, you will now suffer the consequences with a much longer, painful and much heavier period!!’ Obviously everyone is different and while one contraceptive option works for one person they might not work for another. It is all trial and error! I have the rod now and I am glad I have finally found a nice option that works for my body.


What about your beauty routine? 

Oh hell yes, my skin says ‘hereee we gooo’ and 4 days before my period it breaks out like crazy and settles a little bit every day when my period is ending.


How important is sleep to your period?

Sleep, I believe point blank, is essential, but I think during my period I do need more downtime to rest and reset. Being able to schedule a 20-minute power nap the week of is sometimes a need! And no one should feel guilty about that!


Does your cycle get in the way of your relationships?

Not that I am aware of from conversations with my partner, family, friends. I find that I don’t get ‘moody’ around my period as I am in touch with how my mood fluctuates and take a lot of action to regulating my emotions on the daily.


Period sex - yes or no?

Yes, period sex for me is a yes, why the hell not?


How do you travel on your flow?

Pre-plan all the essentials that make you feel safe and comfortable. If that’s period undies, overnight pads, a travel sized heat pack, cute matching pjs…whatever it is, pre-plan that self-care!!


What tips would you give your teenager self?

This is normal! Most vulva owners your age are experiencing very similar physical and emotional changes. You are still sexy even when you are bleeding!!


My period, summarised:

  • My period in 3-words: Shedding, releasing, renewing.
  • Best period hacks: Period underwear, hot water bottle and lots of warm pots of tea! (I enjoy a nice hot pot of ginger and lemon tea.)
  • Contraception method of choice: The rod and condoms for safe sex.
  • Period Tracker of choice: Flo Period
  • Self-care toolkit: Mood-based music, healing teas, a hot bath and a comfort TV show (The Nanny)!
  • Go-to period products: Scarlet High Waisted Brief and my Ovira cramp device.

Finally, your advice for...