MY CYCLE: Moonbox Founder Nikki Gonda

Moonbox Founder Nikki Gonda

Meet Nikki Gonda of Moonbox - the go-to destination cycle education, empowering women to take control of their cycle naturally to be the happiest, healthiest & most confident version of themselves.


Name: Nikki Gonda
Day job: Nutritionist, Educator, Founder of Moonbox
Location: Bali 

Do you remember the first time you got your period?🩸

Yes - I’ll never forget it. I was at school, 16 years old, the last girl in my friendship group to get my period, and I was SO embarrassed, whilst all my friends were running around me cheering. I was also petrified to go home and tell my mum. When I finally got the courage, she handed me a pack of tampons, and I put the first one in with the plastic on it, HA! I had no idea how they worked. 

What's your period routine in a nutshell?

My period routine doesn’t change much from my everyday Cycle Routine throughout the month. I always ensure I complete my daily cycle care routine so I nourish my hormones every day, not just the days I’m menstruating. This is the biggest factor when it comes to preventing PMS and Cramps—it's how we support our bodies on the days outside of our period that really impacts how we experience our periods! 

My daily Cycle-Care Routine looks like spraying Moonboost on my tummy every morning while brushing my teeth, so I am getting my daily dose of magnesium, which I call the ‘magic period mineral’. I then take myself on a daily walk to soak up some sunshine and support my body's production of Vitamin D, which is essential for hormone production. I then come home and make myself a wholesome breakfast, including protein and fats. ALWAYS sprinkle a healthy dose of Earth Seeds for extra omega 3s! I then sit down for work alongside a warm cup of Luna’s Gold, an anti-inflammatory superfood elixir designed to prevent PMS and Cramps.

On the days I’m on my period, I really prioritise rest and rejuvenation. I wear my Scarlet Period Undies (a total game-changer), soak in long magnesium salt baths, and schedule important meetings or social events after my menstrual phase.


What does self-care look like throughout your cycle?

Yes! I am a huge self-care advocate. I make sure to start my day with a Cycle Check-In, where I note where I am in my cycle and how I’m feeling emotionally, physically, and energetically. I then plan my day around how I can best support myself with my feelings! That’s the biggest form of self-care I do for myself. Another non-negotiable form of self care for me every day is meditation.  It keeps me calm and grounded – something that can be a struggle as a business owner! Anything to support my nervous system will be prioritised - quality sleep, daily movement, sunshine & connecting with loved ones.


Tell us about your relationship with your period. 

I used to have a terrible relationship with my cycle.  I struggled for years during my teens and early twenties, from cramps to uncontrollable mood swings, PMS, heavy periods, missing periods, acne, anxiety, sore breasts…you name it – I experienced it. It was only when I decided to come off the pill that I made the connection between my ill health and the pill. This epiphany led me to begin my 4-year degree in Nutritional Health science! Over that time, I discovered food and lifestyle's powerful impact on our hormones and menstrual health. After making shifts in my own life, I was able to bring my body back to health, repair my thyroid, heal my gut, and experience periods without pain and PMS! All without pills and birth control!


What about periods and beauty?

It’s super important to me to use clean beauty brands that include natural ingredients and aren’t filled with endocrine disruptors (chemicals known as xenoestrogens) that can create hormonal imbalances in the body. My favourite natural beauty brands are Edible Beauty for skincare and Ere Perez for makeup. They’re amazing, high-quality products.


Does your cycle ever get in the way of relationships?

I am super grateful to have my incredible partner in the business with me, which means he is very clued up on all things hormones!  Having said that, communication is key. I always ensure I let him know when I am on my period so that he understands why I might be more reclusive or want to spend more time alone.  He understands the cycle's different phases, so when my moods, confidence, emotions, and energy shift, it’s not a shock to him, and he supports those fluctuations.


How do you manage your period and work?

Working on my business based on the hormonal changes throughout my menstrual cycle has changed my life. I’m talking more about productivity, alignment, and success v.s. stress, overwhelm, and burnout. I used to work following the societally structured 9-5 lifestyle, hustling day in and day out, placing unrealistic expectations on myself to show up with the same level of motivation and energy every. single. day.

I now run my business in sync with my cycle! For example, if I need to do a lot of filming for my courses, such as YouTube or Instagram, I will film when I am ovulating as my energy is naturally higher and I feel more confident!  If I need to do deep work that requires focus and a lot of writing, I will complete big chunks of this in my luteal phase.  I feel more empowered & in control when I utilize my cyclical female energy to create more productivity, flow & success in my biz & LIFE.


What tips would you give your teenage self?

1) Cycle Tracking would be an amazing way to begin connecting your cycle and understanding what a regular cycle looks like for you

2) Understanding that hormone-healthy habits need to be prioritized every day, not just on the days you bleed. Consistency is everything!

3) Understanding that the pill does not balance your hormones. Lifestyle and nutrition do!