MY CYCLE: Podcaster Phoebe Parsons

Scarlet talks to Podcaster Phoebe Parsons

We sat down with Brisbane-based Podcaster and PR Queen Phoebe Parsons to get to know the ins and outs of her period, which she self-describes as “SAVAGE: Sassy, moody, nasty”.

From her period products of choice, to choosing mindful movement over couch potato mode and why cramps are NOT the catalyst to creativity. Read on to learn more about her full period routine.


Do you remember the first time you got your period?

I was somewhat of a late bloomer and always felt left out when the rest of the girls at my high school would talk about it. So much so I was absolutely thrilled to come home from a ballet class one night to discover I was now part of the period club.  


What’s your period routine?

Alongside my plunging oestrogen, everything goes downhill for me around ovulation. From here on out I morph into a hormone casserole, my boobs balloon to double their size (ouch), I get horrific PMS that I've self-titled PPMS and shed more than my fair share of unwarranted tears (which isn't too unlike my neutral state tbh).

I am an extremely active person and start every single day with a non-negotiable F45 class, however sometimes on days 1-2, I'll sub out the burpees and tuck jumps for a gentle walk or a swim, which I also find helps to relieve cramps. During week 2-3 I have more energy than a can of red bull so will often take advantage of that by doing two workouts a day, but week 4 and the first half of week 1, things are a little slower.


On periods and beauty routine…

I have a very basic beauty routine that's probably the only stable thing in my cycle. ASI multi peptide serum, SPF 50+, Nude by Nature Mineral Powder and Mario Badesco rosewater spray.


On periods and dating…

My partner is even more supportive of my period than I am, and he'll often arrive home when I'm on day 1 (completely unprompted might I add) with a bag full of nurofen, chocolate protein ice-cream and checks the temperature of my heat pack at half hour intervals. It's very refreshing to find a man who doesn't shy away from periods and asks questions like "what do cramps feel like'. I used to feel ashamed of my period and like it was an inconvenience, but I now feel very supported.  


On periods and work… 

Cramps are not the catalyst to creativity and on day 1, I usually do more crying than copywriting. In the same way I capitalise on my workouts during weeks 2-3 when my energy levels are higher, I also manage to churn through a lot of work.


My period Hacks…

Loose clothes for period president. I blow out like a blimp on days 1-3 so I have a whole section of my wardrobe dedicated to cycle style. Thank god baby doll dresses made a comeback.  


The period products that make up my period routine...

I'm team tampons (you don't have a choice when you get it for the first time during a ballet class) and my Scarlet Period Cup


Tell us something we don’t know...

Orgasms help relieve cramps (just an FYI if your partner asks what they can do to help).


Periods - summarised... 

  • My period described in 3-words: SAVAGE: Sassy, moody, nasty 
  • My contraception method of choice: Tracking my cycle 
  • I know my period is coming when: I morph into an unreasonable hormone casserole 
  • Period tracker?  Hormone Horoscope. 
  • Period self-care toolkit: Heat pack, nurofen, netflix, chocolate protein ice-cream 
  • On day 1 you can find me: In bed, with a heat pack and bowl of refined carbohydrates (zucchini noodles just don't cut it today). 

Final fast five... 

  1. Most used emojis: The crown 
  2. Bad habit: Eating a snack while cooking dinner 
  3. Self-pleasure or be pleasured: Be pleasured 
  4. Podcast recommendation: My own (Confessions of a Train Wreck) 
  5. Book every woman should read: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert