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MY CYCLE: Sex Coach Georgia Grace

Sex & Relationships

Georgia Grace knows a thing or two about sex. ⁠As a certified sex coach her mission is to inform and empower people to enjoy their body (and others). She also knows a thing or two about self-care and how to practice a hormone loving lifestyle. Here she shares her period hacks, the app she uses (religiously) to track her cycle and why an orgasm is the best form of pain relief.⁠

Name: Georgia Grace
Occupation: Certified Australian Sex Coach
Location: Gadigal Land, Eora Nation (“Sydney”)

Do you remember the first time you got your period?🩸

Yes, I do! I was so overwhelmed by everything I was feeling and thinking

What's your period routine…

Each month is geared around my period routine - I know when I’m most likely to be energised, turned on, creative, tender, exhausted. I practice a hormone loving lifestyle so my symptoms aren’t too intense (unless I’ve had a stressful or hectic few weeks - then I certainly feel that in my cycle). I know it's coming because I track it religiously but I can feel the embodied shift - and I listen to my body when that happens. I use a cup and tampons. When I’m bleeding I go really slow, take naps, drink tea, ask for hugs and make sure I don’t over commit. Oh and loco love chocolate on repeat.

On periods and self-care...

Meditation, yoga, breathwork, self-pleasure and rest. My best hack is an orgasm - whenever I'm in pain or lacking motivation, and orgasm feels like a reboot to the system.


Periods - summarised... 

  • My period described in 3-words: A tender, exhausting relief
  • I know my period is coming when: I’m exhausted, my boobs double in size and all i want to do is sleep
  • On day 1 you can find me: In bed 
  • Period products of choice... Period Cup 
  • Do you use a tracker? Clue - have loved it for years
georgia grace book


Finally, your advice for...

  • When you’re feeling down my advice is to: Masturbate
  • My wise-ass advice on dating: Always date yourself
  • Words to live by: Well behaved people rarely make history
  • The Podcast to save and listen to: Clementine Ford’s Big Sister Hotline
  • The book(s) to read: Come as you are, The Erotic mind, Am I Black Enough for you?, The Way of Tenderness, White Fragility
  • Dealing with your period for the first time: Speak with someone you trust and feel safe with, take a nap, drink lots of water, eat something yummy and get your hands on a hot water bottle. You’ve got this honey!

Follow Georgia Grace at @gspot._ and browse her website to learn about courses and special events.

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