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Meet Four Warriors Shining a Light on Endo

Menstrual Health

Endometriosis may be tough, but these warriors are tougher. They're raising awareness, sharing their stories, and inspiring others to fight for their well-being.


Bridget Hustwaite | @endogram

Forget the whispers and shame, Bridget Hustwaite not only shares her endo journey but works tirelessly to control the narrative around how endo is discussed in the media, and the many inaccuracies that continue to filter into mainstream media. Her unapologetic honesty and fierce spirit resonated with countless women who had long suffered in silence. She has also penned an amazing book, How to Endo: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving with Endometriosis, which offers expert knowledge, tools, resources, and a positive mindset to help you thrive.


Kylie Maslen | @kyliemaslen

Writer, critic, and author of the powerful memoir Show Me Where it Hurts: Living with Invisible Illness, Kylie Maslen isn't afraid to get real. Her book delves into the raw and often unseen realities of chronic illness, specifically the impact endometriosis has on every aspect of her life. From navigating professional goals and personal relationships to the daily battles fought internally and externally, Kylie offers a powerful voice for the countless individuals struggling with invisible illnesses.


Morgahna Godwin | @morgahnagodwin

Morgahna's story is a masterclass in taking charge and owning your narrative. Faced with a stage four endo diagnosis, she refused to be defined by her condition. Instead, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-management, ultimately reclaiming her life and empowering others through the creation of Manage Endo, a game-changing app supporting the endo community. But Morgahna's a multi-hyphenate boss babe! Beyond her advocacy, she's also a globally recognised art director, designer, and photographer who's conquered the creative scene in New York, London, and Melbourne. Talk about a total power move!


Chloe Jackson | @chloejackson.cj

This young mum is an inspiration on multiple levels. She openly shares her experiences with pregnancy, endo, gut health, and whipping up delicious recipes – all while navigating the joys (and challenges) of motherhood. But it's her open dialogue about living with endometriosis that makes her a true endo warrior. For an even deeper dive (and some seriously tasty recipes), head over to her TikTok.


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