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Leakproof Period Surf-Short

Absorbency Light

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Introducing, the first Leakproof Surf Short. Designed with inbuilt leakproof protection. Made using recycled, luxe ribbed fabric. Let's reduce single use pads and tampons and be free to do more of what we love on our period!
Good to know
Do I need to wear a tampon or extra protection?:

You can wear our period swimwear on it's own, without tampons or cups on light to moderate flow days (up to 3 pads worth of flow). On heavier flow days, you might want to wear a cup or tampon for extra security and peace of mind.

How to take care of your period undies:

Step 1.Quick rinse in running water
Step 2. Machine wash or hand wash with mild detergent (no fabric softener or bleach)
Step 3. Tumble Dry on cool, or hang dry in the sun!

Made from:
90% Recycled Polyester, 10% Spandex Quick Dry Gusset: Polyester/Elastane/PUL
Free from PFAS and other chemical treatments.
More than 12 *billion* pads and 7 *billion* tampons are thrown out every year. The average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons and panty liners in their lifetime. By switching to Scarlet, you're supporting a period and planet positive future.

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Your questions, answered!

How many pairs should I get?

Everyone periods differently. Generally speaking, a good place to start is at least 3-5 pairs so you're coverd for the duration of your period without doing extra laundry. Consider the heaviness of your flow and how many pairs you'll need on each day and night to be safe.

How do they work?

All our absorbent period underwear are made with leakproof period technology built right in.

Layer 1: Wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling dry.

Layer 2: Our most absorbent pair can hold up to 8 tampons worth of blood, locking it in place.

Layer 3: Front to rear leakproof fabrics ensure nothing feels wet or leaks through to the other side.

You can be sitting, standing, running or jumping with confidence you'll stay dry and comfy. That's the magic of period underwear!

Layer 4: Breathable black outer layers that keeps it all discreet.

Do I have to wear a pad or a tampon with period underwear?

The short answer? Nope! Depending on the absorbency level of your period underwear and the heaviness of your flow, you can wear them on their own or as back up to tampons or a period cup. Our overnight and heavy period underwear are designed to be worn on heavier days on their own, and our light to moderate styles can be worn on their own on lighter days and as back up on heavier days.

How long can I wear them?

Scarlet period underwear come in a range of absorbency levels - from Super Light, to Overnight. So there is a style for every day of your cycle. If it's your first time, try them at home first and get to know your flow threshold (that is, how long it takes for one pair to feel like it's ready to change). If you feel them getting bulky, or notice they're absorbing out to the seams, it's likely time to change them.

How do I wash them?

Washing is so easy! You just give them a quick rinse, and throw in the washing machine just like regular undies. Tumble dry on low, or hang dry in the sun. That's it!

*And yes - you can wash them with your regular load of washing (mild detergent is fine!).

How much money do I actually save?

The average period using tampons and pads costs $240 a year. Scarlet costs about $120 a year (five pairs) and can last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on how you take care of them. So let’s say they lasted for 5 years, you’d spend only $120 as opposed to $1200 on pads and tampons during the same amount of time. Wow.

How do I make a pack of different styles?

Create your own set with ANY style you like and get HUGE savings here

What if I don't love them?

If you don't love them, let us know. We have a 30 Day First Pair Guarantee and we're here to help you out:

ask us anything

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