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8 Tips for Navigating the Health System

Menstrual Health

In a world where healthcare systems can often seem overwhelming, learning how to become your own best advocate is not just a valuable skill – it can be a lifeline. Clinical naturopath and nutritionist Renee Grandi offers her advice.


TIP 1: Preparation is Key

Before your visit, make a list of all your questions and concerns to ensure you address everything during your consultation.


TIP 2: Educate Yourself

If you have a background in health education, use platforms like Google Scholar to stay informed of the latest research related to your health concerns.


TIP 3: Advocate for Testing

Be assertive in requesting any diagnostic tests you believe are necessary. If a medical professional declines, ask them to record their decision in your medical file.


TIP 4: Regular Check-ins

Schedule follow-up consultations every three months, especially if you're dealing with ongoing health issues. This allows you to assess and adjust treatments as necessary.


TIP 5: Seek Alternative Opinions

Consider seeing a naturopath or other alternative health professional. They may offer different perspectives, spend more time discussing your concerns, and recommend specific tests or treatments that mainstream doctors might not consider.


TIP 6: Speak Up for Yourself

You're your best advocate. If you believe specific tests or treatments are necessary, be persistent in asking for them. It's your right to understand your health and the reasons behind any recommendations.


TIP 7: Ask Questions Without Hesitation

Whether it's about a treatment plan or a piece of research you've come across, don't hesitate to ask your healthcare provider for clarity.


TIP 8: Prioritize Your Well-being

Remember, you're the one living with your health condition every day. Make sure your concerns are addressed, even if it means being persistent or seeking second opinions. 

You can follow Renee on Instagram: @womens_health_specialist and TikTok: @womens_health_specialist

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