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Stylist Freddie Fredericks on The Pill and Finding Balance


You might know Freddie Fredericks from her career in styling, working with the likes of SIR the label, Bec and Bridge and Poppy Lissiman. In the name of breaking down the stigma of periods, we asked Freddie about dealing with premenstrual mood swings, feeling comfortable in your own skin and what to do if you don’t get that sex chat growing up.

Tell us about your first time…

The first time I got my period was when I was in year 7. I thought I was going to get it much later because I was really athletic in school. I remember for some reason I was home that day - I must have been sick. I remember being pretty stoked that I was at home when it came. I didn’t want to be that girl who got it all over her school uniform. I just remember sneaking into my sister’s room to find tampons and I had NO idea how to use them. I needed to use a mirror (laughs) and then I ended up hiding it for a year. 

How did you learn about periods when you were younger?

I had to figure it out for myself. My Mum never gave me a sex chat or a period chat. There wasn’t Google back then, so it must have been school. But it was still really embarrassing to get it.

What’s your relationship like with your period now?

Now I’m brutally honest about everything while I’m on my period and what mood I’m in. I think I've always been quite intuitive with my body being a dancer. So after going off the pill and not even needing a period tracker... and knowing when it’s going to come, you do feel confident and comfortable in your skin. It’s good to know. 

Do you get PMS? What are your symptoms like?

I’m cranky for a good week before I get it. I have no patience. I don’t have time for anyone and I’m just so snappy. I’m pretty vile. I wouldn’t even want to be around me a week before my period. It definitely changes my mood in a negative way. I’m not a crier, but the minute I’m premenstrual I can just ball. Then once I get my period, I’m back to me. No more softy! 

Stylist Freddie Fredericks

What are some ways you like to ‘deal’ when you’re on your period?

I love cheating on my healthy meal plan. I eat a lots of sweets and chocolate. When it’s over I go and celebrate with a cocktail!

Three words to describe you when you’re on your period...

Snappy. Angry. Exhausted

What are some of your self-care rituals?

I try to exercise five days a week and after turning 30, I’ve got a really good skin care routine. I also allow myself to have those few days during my period to eat what I want. Not in excessive amounts. But just reminding myself that it’s ok, I’m on my period and it’s nothing to feel guilty about. 

Apparently period syncing is a myth. Thoughts? 

I am SO synced up with my girlfriends. There’s always a handful of us that are always synced up.



If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during your period, don't just put up with it. Speak with your GP or chosen women's health practitioner to make sure everything is ok. 



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