Musician Rainbow Chan on PMS Self-Care

Scarlet Period Blog | Musician Rainbow Chan talks to Scarlet Period

Periods and perspective. Just a little something Sydney-based musician Rainbow Chan taught us during our open conversation series. Rainbow opened up about her period self-care rituals, embracing PMS and how being off the pill has allowed her to appreciate her period and see it in a whole new light.


Describe your period in 3 words? 

Moody, tired, soft, resilient.


When did your first start learning about periods?

I started learning about periods before I even got it. I have two older sisters and come from a family of four girls - so it was always around.

How did you feel about getting it?

I guess I was both apprehensive and fearful, but when it did happen, I just carried on.  


What’s your relationship with your cycle now? 

It’s definitely changed. I was on the pill for a bit and then I came off it and the feeling of having it properly again, in a more natural and organic way… I just love the bodily, visceral quality of it. Now that I’m not so fearful of it, it seems like a nice marker of time for me. I know it’s a monthly thing, so it keeps me really inside my body and more aware of my days. It explains why I feel the way I do at certain times of the month. 


How do you know it's coming?

Sometimes leading up to it I get really emotional when I look at videos of cats or animal documentaries.  I just get super overwhelmed at how beautiful the world is (laughs). That’s when I know it’s coming. 


How do you deal with PMS?

I guess we kind of laugh about PMS or getting emotional and moody. But I think it’s actually really amazing to let yourself be so open and vulnerable and feel all of those feelings when it does happen. You kind of become heightened in a sense and see things in new detail when you’re in that state. Sometimes it’s annoying and hard to manage, but I think overall it’s only natural and we’ve got to embrace it right? 


What are some of your self-care rituals?

Comfort foods, staying warm and allowing myself to do nothing. Lying down and just reading a really slow book and… it’s cliché but having a bath with candles and listening to Frank Ocean (laughs).


How does your cycle affect your music?

When I’m making music, my period is bound to coincide at one point - I just roll with it. I don’t think about it - it’s just in the background.