MY CYCLE: Dancer & Movement Director Amy Zhang

Scarlet Period talks to Movement Director Amy Zhang

For Brisbane-based dancer and Movement Director Amy Zhang, her life is centered around self care. With her period routine dialed, she’s in tune with the ebbs of flows of her cycle and knows that movement is the key to feeling good. 

We caught up to talk about her cycle routine. She told us all about her period hacks, the words she lives by and her advice for taking her partner out of the firing line during PMS rage.

Name: Amy Zhang
Age: 26
Day job: Dancer + Movement Director
Location: Brisbane

Do you remember the first time you got your period?🩸

😅 I remember seeing blood on my undies and telling my mum, who’s a doctor, so in full doctor-mode she explained that this will now happen every month, took me through the motions of how to put a pad on and that was that.

On periods and movement…

I am prone to migraines (even more so just before my cycle) that are alleviated by stretching and moving my body so I’m always super vigilant about making sure I take the time to stretch/move everyday.

On periods and tuning in…

Growing up with a mum who practises Chinese Medicine, it’s ingrained in me that physical/mental/emotional balance is the key to health and happiness. However 2 weeks before my period, that all goes out the window and my partner could breathe too loud and I’ll snap. It’s taken me 26 years to finally learn that when I feel like this, all I need to do is up my exercise levels.


On periods and relationships...

My partner COPS IT the week before my period. (Bless him!)  Thankfully he usually puts two and two together pretty quickly and knows to give me some space. With that being said, if I up my exercise levels, (ie making sure I take that high energy house class) sweating profusely for an hour seems to balance out my mood (and takes my partner out of the firing line).

Amy zhang portraits

On practising self-care during my cycle...

My entire life is centered around self-care. I always try to get 9hrs of sleep, stretch every morning, stay moisturised, drink heaps of water, eat heaps of colourful foods and dance everyday. So when my period comes around, nothing really changes...But I might watch a bit more trash TV.

On periods and PMS...

ALL OF THEM. I get every symptom under the sun like clockwork. 2 weeks before, my boobs get really sore and I want to eat everything. A week out, I’m moody, irritable and I usually unintentionally pick a fight with my partner. To round it all off, the day before is when my energy levels plummet and my back aches.

My period hacks…

I drink a tonne of lemon, honey and ginger teas. My secret recipe is combining fresh grated ginger, manuka honey, a slice of lemon in hot water. But if I’m feeling lazy, there’s an incredible Korean pre-made version that I opt for.


Periods - summarised...

  • My period described in 3-words: Part of life
  • I know my period is coming when: My energy levels plummet
  • On day 1 you can find me: Writing off work to lay in bed with a ginger lemon tea and a heat pack.
  • Period products of choice: Period Cup, reusable undies and the occasional tampon.

Finally, your advice for...

  • When you’re feeling down: Figure out what’s getting you down and then give yourself proper time to feel the full wave of emotions. How do you know what high feels like if you’ve never experienced the lows?
  • My wise-ass advice on dating: They can't read your mind.
  • Words to live by:  There’s a Chinese phrase that roughly translates to “Keep learning until you can’t”.
  • Podcast recommendation: Not a podcast but a radio, Blonded Radio
  • Dealing with your period for the first time: It’s going to take some time for your period to feel ‘normal’ but listen to your body and don’t be afraid to talk to people about it. Chances are, someone else has been through it too.

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