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Naturopath Bella Roberton on Wellness and Balance


With a passion for holistic wellness, naturopath Bella Roberton blends traditional naturopathic practices with modern insights to empower people to reclaim their health naturally. Here she shares invaluable insights into menstrual health and offers practical tips for achieving hormonal harmony.


Name: Bella Roberton

Pronouns: She/ Her

Day Job: Naturopath

Location: Sunny Coast

Flow: An irregular queen

Length: 6 days


Tell us about your work?

I am a naturopath and love what I do! I help people better adjust their diet and lifestyle and offer nutritional supplements and herbs to align the body. Working both online and in person, I love the diversity that comes from seeing wxmen from all over Australia. My favorite part is when I hear back from a client, and she’s pregnant or her period comes back without pain. Ah, it’s a dream.


What led you on this journey?

It wasn’t planned! I lived in Germany at 18, working to become a professional ballerina. I got injured and decided it was time to stop and try a different path. I then dove into a bachelor’s degree as I wanted to focus on health and nourishing myself. I now love to educate wxmen on their bodies, cycles, and hormones.


How important is a healthy gut?

The gut is called ‘the second brain’ for a reason! It’s one of the first things I look at as it’s so influential. Dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria) in the gut is associated with inflammation and painful periods, PMS-related mood swings, and immune function. I can’t stress enough the role of a healthy gut microbiome in hormonal balance, menstrual cycle regulation, and menopausal symptoms.


How does gut health play into hormones?

Healthy periods are not just about healthy hormone production but also about healthy hormone detoxification. A nourished and balanced gut microbiome supports healthy estrogen detoxification (through regular bowel motions). A healthy gut also plays a massive role in regulating the vaginal microbiome to prevent things like recurrent thrush and bacterial vaginosis.Naturopath Bella Roberton on Wellness and Balance

What key menstrual signs tell you something’s up?

Extremely painful periods that disrupt your daily life, mood swings where you feel like a different person, irregular bleeds (less than 25 days or more than 35 days), or pre-menstrual spotting. These are just a few. The truth is, if you feel like something isn’t right, listen to your gut (or vagina!) and seek advice.


What about period clotting and heavy bleeding?

Period blood clotting can be perfectly normal! However, if the size exceeds about a 20c-50c piece and is accompanied by an extremely heavy bleed, then this may be your body telling you something. I would examine your hormones through pathology, emphasizing estrogen and inflammation.


What signs should we look out for during our cycle?

During the cycle (before the menstrual bleed), womxn go through a follicular, ovulation, and luteal phase. The most common time a woman will experience trouble is in her luteal phase, which is the week or so before her period. Something I’m seeing more and more is extreme mood disturbance or PMDD, which stands for Pre-Menstrual Dysphoria Disorder. If you are experiencing extreme anxiety or depression exclusive to the luteal phase, know that you are not alone, and seek help.


What are your thoughts on the pill helping endometriosis?

Endometriosis is an inflammatory, estrogen-dependent disease. The pill masks some hormonal imbalances but neglects to address things like potential estrogen excess, nutritional deficiency, poor gut health and immune function, and inflammation, which all play a role in endo.


Why should we all pay more attention to our hormones?

Living more ‘in tune’ with your hormones is something that takes practice, but it is SO worth it. Cycle syncing and keeping track of your cycle in an app or diary is an easy way to do this. Cervical fluid changes, mood changes, boob tenderness, and appetite are all ways your body talks to you!


What’s your number 1 health message?!

Your period is a vital sign and is always talking to you. This is why when you miss a period, have super light periods, or are heavy and excruciatingly painful, you should listen. If you get told it’s ‘normal,’ get a second opinion. YOU know your body best!



My period in 3-words: Unpredictable, releasing, essential.

Period self-care means: Taking the time for relaxation and not feeling guilty!

My period self-care toolkit: Heat pack in bed, an apoptogenic hot chocolate, magnesium.

Best period hacks: Cycle syncing can be amazing by reducing your inflammation in the luteal phase (Less alcohol + processed foods).

Contraception of choice: Condoms.

On day 1 you’ll find me: In bed if I get my way!

Top Scarlet pick: The Magnesium+ Spray … but I’m also obsessed with all the underwear choices!

For more from naturopath Bella Roberton, follow her on Instagram and book an appointment either online or in person.

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