A pro’s secrets to finding pleasure in sex, periods, and more

Period Sex

Just because it’s ‘that time of month’ doesn’t mean you must stop having fun in the bedroom. We spoke to the sexologist and co-founder of Posmo, Laura Miano, for her tips, advice, and know-how on all things pleasure and periods.


Why is the world weird about period sex?

Given the stigma that exists around periods, part of the reason why people avoid period sex might be due to their beliefs about periods - they feel embarrassed about having their period in general. Or the other person might feel it’s inappropriate or not comfortable having sex when their partner has their period. Other reasons might be that they don’t want the mess or get queasy around blood.


What are some of the benefits of period sex?

Contextually, sex on your period can be a little different - and these subtle changes can change the way you think and act. You may feel excited and liberated by the fact you’re not letting your period stop you! Additionally, some people report feeling more aroused and experiencing more intense orgasms. This is a great reason to explore period sex.


What are your top tips for great period sex?

Check-in with your comfort levels around period sex - are you happy to do it but don’t want too much mess, or are you excited by the idea of seeing your blood? If you’ve seen Salt Burn, you’ll know the iconic period scene where Felix spears Venetia’s period over her in an erotic exchange before giving her oral sex. Here, the period blood is used as a tool for arousal. If you prefer to keep things more controlled - putting a towel down to avoid bloody sheets, taking your tampon out just before penetration, and having some wet wipes beside your bed can all help.

Finally, menstruating can bring a different set of feelings to the surface. You might feel like you want more intimacy, or you may feel more carefree. Don’t be afraid to explore these feelings. For example, if you want to be nurtured, you might want to increase eye gazing, hand holding, spooning, and face touching during sex. Listen to what your feelings are telling you.


Advice for dealing with a partner who is weird about period sex?

Talk it through with them. Hear out their reservations and brainstorm ways to navigate them. If period sex is something you feel strongly about exploring, explain why. Their boundaries also need to be respected, and hearing why they have these boundaries can also be helpful. After understanding how and why you feel that way, they can brainstorm ways to compromise.


Tips to educate your partner more on the menstrual cycle?

You could show them this article or other resources that explain the menstrual cycle. You can also communicate openly with them about where you are in your cycle and how it impacts you to help them feel more part of the process. If you feel inspired for period sex, share with them where this inspiration came from - if it was Saltburn, show them the scene ;)


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