Rhythm & Flow - Your Period Playlist, Sorted

Listen to Scarlet Period's Spotify Playlists throughout your cycle

Tune in to your curated Period Playlist, designed to help you feel all the feels, belt out a ballad and bop along to new and old hits.



Follicular (Days 1-14)
It's that time again when our bodies are gearing up for something amazing, and you need some upbeat and energetic beats to create a sense of positivity.


PLAYLIST 2: OvaVibes

Ovulation (Approx. Days 14-16)
It's that time when our bodies are in full bloom, pretty amazing huh! Let's rock the ovulation phase with style, confidence, and a touch of quirkiness.


PLAYLIST 3: Lunar Sounds

Luteal (Days 17-28)
We know that this time of the month can bring its own unique set of feelings, from cozy comfort to emotional depth. Here’s some soothing and introspective songs that provide comfort and emotional resonance.


PLAYLIST 4: Flow & Chill

Menstruation (Approx. Days 1-7)
Honor the ebb and flow of your body with calming and soothing tracks that promote relaxation and self-compassion.