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Three Essential Guides for All Things Menstrual Health

Menstrual Health

Taking charge of your health is a crucial part of self-care, and that includes understanding your unique needs and accessing reliable information. But where do you even begin?

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite resources dedicated to empowering you on your health journey.


Matilda Health

Forget dry medical jargon. Matilda Health is your go-to platform for all things women's health, presented in a clear, engaging, and informative way. Their articles, Q&As with experts, and various resources cover a wide range of topics, from sexual health to menstrual cycle management.


EndoZone Australia

Dealing with endometriosis? This organisation is a valuable source of information, support, and advocacy specifically tailored to those living with this condition. Access detailed resources, connect with a supportive community, and learn practical tools for managing your symptoms.


Endometriosis Australia

Seeking comprehensive information and expert resources on all things endometriosis? Look no further than Endometriosis Australia. They provide in-depth information, connect you with healthcare professionals, and advocate for improved research and treatment options.


Not sure where to start? Read this health expert’s advice for navigating the system.

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