Periods and the Planet: An Eco-Friendly Cycle

Periods and the Planet: An Eco-Friendly Cycle

We all know periods are a fact of life. But let's face it: the whole "disposable pad or tampon" routine is a period-sized environmental disaster. Well, Plastic Free July is here, which basically means it's time for an annual reality check: Are we actually giving an F about the environment or not?

Every month, mountains of plastic waste get shoved in landfills, destined to pollute our planet for centuries (seriously, those things outlast cockroaches). In fact, the average Australian woman uses around 10,000 to 12,000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime - and yes, even the ones your Great GREAT Nanna used are probably still in a landfill somewhere.

If that thought absolutely freaks you out, consider this: you can lighten your load by making the simple switch to reusable period essentials.

Yeah, we hear you. "Reusable" might sound intimidating. But trust us, it's way less scary than a mountain of plastic clogging our oceans. Plus, with options like our comfy AF Scarlet Period underwear and life-changing Period Cups, reusable doesn't have to sacrifice comfort or convenience.

Looking for some simple swaps? We got you.

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Add To Your Reusable Collection

Think stainless steel water bottles (whether your vibe is Frank Green or Stanley, they're bang-on for keeping your beverages at the right temp), stylish food-grade stainless steel like this one from Seed & Sprout, and luxe bamboo cutlery sets.


Anything But Basic Period Underwear

Today's schedule: gym, work, drinks, dinner, date. There's no time for stains and leaks. Our Bikini Brief offers hours of leak-proof protection. Made with breathable and buttery soft organic cotton, it's period underwear that feels like you're wearing, well, regular underwear.


Elevate Your Shopping Game

Bid adieu to single-use plastic bags and embrace a stylish, reusable tote. Opt for bags crafted from natural materials like cotton or jute. They’re perfect for market hauls and spontaneous shopping sprees, embodying both practicality and elegance. Pan After Day-to-Day Bag has our vote.


Sustainable Sips

Swap plastic straws for their chic counterparts. Stainless steel, glass, or bamboo straws are not only eco-friendly but also a sophisticated accessory for your fave beverages. BKR’s reusable silicone straws make hydration cute and eco.


Beauty with a Conscience

Opt for beauty products that prioritise sustainability. Seek out brands offering refillable or plastic-free packaging. From solid shampoos to biodegradable makeup wipes, these choices ensure your beauty routine is as eco-friendly as it is glamorous. Hats off to Conserving Beauty’s Dissolver Wipes.


Small tweaks can mean big impact. Here’s to a chic, plastic-free July.